Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Parcels from Minimaos

As I stepped into my room, I was surprised to see there is a parcel on my table. Been out of home for a few days, I didn't expect anything for me. Plus, usually I need to go to the nearest post office to collect my parcel but this time they send it straight to my home yeay!

By airmail.

I just can't stop smiling while open the plastic.

It's my Hello Kitty Aimi bag from minimaos!!

Cute! I know this will be my most favorite bag from now on. I can throw everything inside. From purse, phones, to giant size camera. This is not original but the quality is superb!

I bought Scawaii magazine last month and the picture above caught my sight in a blink. But then I know everything in japan magazine is very hard to find in local stores. So I just keep dreaming HAHAHA.

But then, once again minimaos playing a fairy godmother role in my life. They bring in this super kawaii Side Bow Denim!!

This is how I wear them yesterday. I don't have fabulous leg so it looks a bit weird on me HAHAHA because my legs are short and full of fats.


  1. Wahhh bag tu. I pun suka!
    Nice la vujie. Comel sangat!

  2. AyuCandy;

    bag kesayangan buat masa ini XD

  3. minimaous. bookmarked. that bag are uber cute!!!

  4. Nekochan;

    go get it!! its on sale XD
    neko, I accidentally delete your comment on DW limited edition lashes T_______T btw, bought it at Centre Point. Shop near FOS there.

  5. If possible can you post other views of the jeans? I want to buy them but am unsure of how they will look on me!

  6. Sorry if it is rude to ask, but I was wondering what size you got the bow denim in? You look very skinny but I think the site only has the smallest size as 26? Does this fit you and what are your usual measurements if you don't mind me asking because I want a pair for myself but am unsure if they will fit ):

  7. anon;

    you can refer here

  8. leynajean;

    the size is a bit off actually. I fit Levi's 24 and 25 but my bow denim size is 27. Or you can find your measurement here