Saturday, August 6, 2011

Life is like this

Helo. For your information, I am still alive wtf.

Guess you guys know already what is the main reason I neglecting my blog for almost two weeks (or maybe three weeks?). Yes, I was busy doing things related to real life. So this entry is gonna be full of pictures and wordless. As people saying, pictures speak more than words wtf.

Now I am one of the iPhone lovers wtf. My Blackberry is actually doing well. It is just my greediness that lead me buying iPhone 4 HAHAHA. The true story is my other half wanted to buy new phone because his previous was really sucks. So obviously I will be jealous if he buys new phone which is more interesting to use since blackberry is actually suitable for those who are in business. That's why I bought one for me too. What? Are you expecting he buys that for me? That thing is too expensive for him to be really generous HAHAHA. And for the time being, my blackberry working as my alarm clock every morning wtf.

And before fasting month, I went home to spend time with family. And gosh I really miss those kids! They are actually my little cousins.

From left : Alisa, Efan and Afifah.

I love chit chatting with them like I am in their age too wtf.

The day I was at home, coincidentally there was an event by Buddhism I guess. My brother (the guy above) said it was to get rid of ghost. God I don't know the truth I just went there to see what kind of parade is that.

We actually went there because the kids wanted to see the event.

She was scared but still don't want to go home and asked us to keep watching too HAHAHA.

The only picture I have on that day wtf. I just came back from PE course and my face my skin and all were really really terrible due to sunburn pffttt. Putting make up on skin like that will only make me look like a ghost wtf.

I don't know how to describe this.

Alisa asked me why an adult like the guy above put a pacifier in his mouth and on that time I was really dumb because I don't have the exact answer to tell her which suits her mind level HAHAHA.

I bet this thing is super heavy.

Good for those who love super extreme high heels.

Time to go back T_T

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