Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hang out

So yeah, I know you all are already boring with me posting only stuff in blog. And if you are brilliant enough, you'll know I am a #foreveralone wtf. No friends around to hang out together everyday. Pfftt okay I do have friends (I prefer call them colleagues) but they don't hang out much often like I do. I mean they all have babies to take care of. And our big gap of age makes our activities are not really in a same level. Or at least, I thought so wtf.

As #foreveralone girl, to be exact alone and no children to take care of pfftt, so my activities are like going to the town and step into mall and talk to myself. If myself ignores me, I'll talk to my handbag wtf.

Thank god sometimes my housemate (she don't have baby yet but she is married) volunteer to hang out with me HAHAHAHA very pity. No lah. It is fasting month so we went to Parkcity Everly Hotel buffet to feed our self with delicious foods.

Us killing time went everywhere we can HAHAHA. It was my first time went to this place. I don't know the exact name but the signboard told us it is Marina Bay. This place is where the rich residents park their toys wtf.

We were trying hard like Popeye the Sailorman to pull the Seri Sarawak come close to us HAHAHA.

Nobody there. Took pictures like a boss wtf.

I am acting like my students at the assembly.

Trying to pose like a pro. Failed one!

If you wonder why both of us are always in the picture together, this is our driver of the day. My housemate's friend who is really obsess with his transformers wtf.

We are checking our tummy HAHAHA.

She is checking my boobs.

Skinny me with lots of foods fml. I think I have worm in my tummy. I am still like this even if I eat like a pig.

Purposely sit outside of air conditioned room because we are considerate don't want to disturb others with our loud laugh wtf.

Exhausted already.

I love big mirrors! And I'm going to buy one like this to put in my room *determine !

How I wish I can have lots of friends around my age as my colleague.


  1. Like ur entry..:)
    damnn miss u soo much!..bila ko balik raya?..

  2. farin;

    hehe i mish yuh too!!
    aku mau balik di pagi raya yang time orang2 makan kuih raya suda hahahaha.

  3. hi dear.
    where u get this lovely pink template ?

  4. Princess Momoy;

    I got it from a japan web which i forgot. So sorry. Then edit it myself.