Monday, November 28, 2011

9gag, Y U talk about me?

I am now actually pretending as a nurse wtf helping my bf to tone down his fever. Maybe he's just too tired that he fell sick. Just came back from 14 days work then rushed to Miri drove me home (because something happened and I can't drive by myself). Gave him medicines but seems like it doesn't work. So I googled how to cure fever at home and found this website.

Tried the white vinegar method and now he's recovering. His temperature is lower than before.

Other than that, there's nothing (because I'm not a doctor wtf) I can do but having fun by myself browsing for funny stuff on 9gag HAHAHA.

I am always like this. Everytime I meet a foreigner my brain automatically lost all the english words I learned in school wtf. Guess it is all about confidence, right?

HAHAHA this is seriously me!! My colleagues keep asking me why am I very brave staying alone at home when all my neighbours including my housemate are not around. Actually they didn't know that I'm not that brave lar wtf. Right after I switch off the light, I quickly jump on the bed and forcing my brain to sleep. Counting sheeps I also do that HAHAHA.

This is why I want to transfer back to my hometown. So that I can enjoy healthy food prepared by my mum instead of shoving all those unhealthy food into my mouth just because I'm too lazy to cook and restaurant is too far wtf.

This is what usually will pop out in other drivers' head. I'm the type 2 who is an idiot. I drive too slow HAHAHA. But there is always another idiots on the road who drive triple slow than me wtf. So I think I'm in between. Obviously I can't be in the madmen category because I haven't been train yet to be F1 racer wtf.

*continue laughing on 9gag*

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