Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Taobao sellers. Can they be trusted?

Heart feel like exploding right now because of this giant size happiness in me wtf. This is the cause of my super happiness.

Taobao haul.

I can't promise when I can make a proper review since I'm in a lazy mode. Well what can I say, it's school holiday so everything must be holiday too wtf. But I'm going to tell you those taobao shops that can be trusted (in case you want to know where did I bought them wtf).

I bought from different shops. Most of the outfits I bought are WC (told you before this). And of course they are not original pfft. Well actually you have the option of buying from non taobao sellers. In Malaysia we have Minimaos to get WC outfits but their price is freaking expensive pfft! I bought from them too, back to the days I don't know I can get taobao items easily HAHAHA. And this Shibudoru109 blogshop (handle by cute blogger Maguchan) also offers Japan fashion and the price is more affordable. The choice is in your hand.

Okay. Back to me now. These sellers I'm gonna review are reliable sellers.

#1 Xiaomonan
If you are shopaholic-with-no-money like me, this seller able to make we feel like we are facing a situation where we think oxygen is not enough wtf. You name it, Liz Lisa, WC, Candy, Onespo, she have them all! My first impression when I came to the web was, "Ohmy I want this! And this! This too! I don't care I want this desperately!" wtf. Too many choices. So, make sure your wallet is heavy enough before you go to xiaomonan. And the seller is very nice too. I noticed that one item which I've paid was not in the package. I thought he/she tried to scam by not sending it. Or maybe lost while delivering. Turned out the item is actually out of stock and they refund me immediately ^^,

#2 Vivid
If you are fan of Liz Lisa, then you come to the right place. As for me, I think the price is slightly higher than others but when talking about the quality, then Vivid should be the one. The web itself tells us their stuff mostly girly one.

#3 Yeikyung
Okay, this one is my most favorite! From tops to pants to accessories, all in one web. How easy! Most important is this yeikyung sells very cheap one HAHAHA. At first, I don't really give high expectation to the items I ordered because they are cheap, to my surprise when the items come to me, man they are really in good quality! And the seller is very generous also. He/she gave me free small items for buying from them.

Since I already have experience with those three sellers, so I recommend you buy from them for cheap price with good quality! Feel like I'm giving a speech on shopping taobao safely wtf.

There are hundreds shops in taobao. All you need is patience browsing one by one to find the item you really want and make your final decision. Or else you'll be like me, after payment done I kept telling myself 'wtf why didn't I buy more. The price is super cheap plus I can't find those items in local stores. If buy more then save on shipping *stingy'.

But the thing is, swindler can be anywhere. To avoid swindler in taobao, put these steps in mind;

#1 Consider the seller's reputation. Good reputation starts from Crowns, followed by Diamonds and newbie is Hearts. As you can see, the three sellers I mentioned above are in two Crowns zone.

#2 If you can read chinese, then it's a bonus for you because sometimes Google Translate doesn't help much. You can check the previous buyer's reviews or check the total sales volume.

#3 Choose the seller who put up their own pictures in their shop. For brands like Liz Lisa and WC, most sellers tend to paste pics from original web. A copy paste picture is really easy to spot because the same picture will be everywhereeeee in the internet.

That's all for now. Hope this will help most of you shopaholic out there XD


  1. Thanks for sharing this post.. now to make myself poorer XD Ahh, the issue i have with taobao is now i have to find a shipper.. or w/e since I don't live in Aisa T.T Damn this cruel world.

  2. Maii;

    Place all your orders to cherlyn4ever in
    She'll help you quote the price plus shipping and just transfer the money to her. She uses Maybank, Public bank and Hong Leong bank. She'll do all the procedures for you. Then wait for your happy parcel comes to you haha ^^,

  3. Jen;

    No worries dear Jen. You can use bcz they ship worldwide.
    But you must be double careful only responding to their emails. Afraid that scammers use their name pretending to take money from innocent shopaholics like us haha.

  4. Ok thanks ! How u know the price for each items? I use this convert thing,

    Don't know if it's true, LOL.

    Which shop sell that post office t-shirt? I love yeikyung shop, so cheap wtf.

  5. Alto im just 15 , im addicted to taobao !muahaha XD

  6. Maii;

    I convert them use to MYR first. But actually, cherlyn4ever can do all the convert thingy for you.
    Post office top is here

  7. Ch3ryl;

    you are?? When I was your age, I can only afford stationary wtf

  8. yup XD i had spend almost rm 200++ there LOL (my maneyyy T _ T )

  9. Ch3ryl;
    fuuhh you must be rich one hehe. hey you live in Miri right?

  10. yeah ,live Miri :D
    nope, im not rich >< i earn the money myself :)

  11. Ch3ryl;

    by urself? waa thats good :D

  12. Hello there! :D
    Where can I order from taobao? Is there a company or something like that would buy for me and ship to Prussian Gulf?
    Thank you <33

    1. Hi :D
      Maybe you can try because they ship internationally.

    2. Thank you so much <33
      But can I trust taobaospree? I'am worried a little because it's my first time! And are taobao items look exactly like the pictures, I mean are they good quality?
      Thanks again <3 ^-^

    3. I don't know how to answer because I've never use taobaospree before but you can try google others' reviews on it. I read some bloggers use taobaospree before but I'm sorry I forgot which blogger. Well, I can say that expect quality based on what you pay :D Some are good, some are just 'okay' quality.

  13. Thanks for sharing! :D I definitely want to order some clothes later, everything looks sooo cute

  14. Which taobao agent (in english) is trusted in malaysia? Coz im planing on buying from taobao but i cant speak chinese and i dont know which taobao agent can i use ^^,