Saturday, November 12, 2011

school break is just around the corner

(still thinking should I or shouldn't I sign up lookbook account LOL)

These days I am a bit restless. When I was just came back from Sabah last week, school gave me a letter saying I need to attend 1 Murid 1 Sukan course for two days. Pfftt can't say no because if I do, then no one able to go. So I went with my restless body. And I slept during the course wtf.

My flight from KK to Miri was delayed from 5.15 pm to 7.00 pm pfftt I was so tired of waiting. When I was about to buy Juicy Couture perfume at the airport, suddenly they made the announcement of getting into the plane. That is God's way of telling me not to waste hundred bucks on perfume HAHAHA. Seriously I've never spent a lot of money for the sake of having nice smell all day long yet. Maybe in the future *watch money fly happily wtf.

Having fun with iPhone apps trying to challenge myself take chio pictures wtf.

I used to love menses HAHAHA. Because whenever I'm having it, I can avoid doing all the sports activities back in school. I can always tell them oh I can't do this or you can see my blood everywhere coming from my vagina wtf. Sounds not logic but works! HAHA.

But now, if only I can, I want to avoid menses every month!! It hurts and doesn't works anymore when I use that to avoid any activities I don't want to do. Plus, I hate being moody when menses strike. Yeah yeah I know. The only way of not getting it is pregnant and menopause wtf.

But no. I'm not getting pregnant. Or else, my mum will kill me and there I go, RIP Vujie.

I was searching Liz Lisa clothes in taobao but then when I want to place order, all the items I'm about to order mostly are WC items HAHAHA. I love flowery pattern but everytime I'm going out and want to dress up, I end up taking out graphic shirts and pants, so WC match it well. Plus, I can get flowery pattern dresses from Roger Yong boutique so no worries about disguising myself into boyish look when I'm actually super girly inside wtf.

Dear school break, please skip next week and proceed with happy moments of not waking up early in the morning. Then I can sleep like a boss. And spend the day watching The Voice again and again wtf. Adam Levine, please stop being so handsome!


  1. how you do the payment? Using paypal? Btw, what's the link for the WC items that you buy? I'm interested, it's cheaper than minimaos, etc..?

  2. Maii;

    I use taobao agent from lowyat.. Most of taobao sellers didn't have paypal. We need china acc to buy from them. So use taobao agent is easier. Some ppl use taobaospree and taobao2u. They accept paypal and help us order. I can't guarantee the quality bcz this is my first time buying from taobao but you can try search for wc in yeikyung or xiaommonan. Yes, they're cheaper from minimaos. Happy shopping!