Friday, November 4, 2011

moments to remember....

Should I sign up a lookbook account now? LOL (okay, maybe in the future)

Pictures are not in order. I just upload whatever comes first in the folder. I'm not an internet code specialist so if I try to be one, I'll end up faint wtf.

Took my boyfriend to a restaurant when he came to visit me last month. It is Sajian Warisan located in the heart of Miri. I love going there for the surrounding even the food quite pricy. Nevermind, I'll pay for the surrounding instead wtf.

During the day, people rarely come here. Maybe because the view is actually double awesome if you come at night. Some say this place is a little bit of Bali. I can't say more because I haven't reach Bali yet wtf.
Being self centered for a while. Erm no, actually, most of the time LOLOL.

Me wearing Roger Yong jumper. Roger Yong is one of local designer. Most of his clothes are inspired by Liz Lisa and whatever-you-can-find-in-Popteen-or-Vivi. As for me, they are quite pricy but the quality is really really great for the price you pay. Everytime I go to his boutique, I'll surely buy at least one piece. So as the solution, I always avoid going there when it is not payday yet LOLOL.

Trying to look chic HAHAHA no I don't know how to.

My favorite ring for this moment. A ribbon ring.

Here's how the restaurant look like during the day. Now imagine how beautiful it is at night when all the colorful lights are turn on.

Yes I am an ordinary pink girl. All stuff are pink. Should I make my car key pink too?

Empty. I told my boyfriend I rent the whole restaurant for the two of us HAHAHA of course he didn't believe.

Okay. That's the story of The Day I Went To a Restaurant wtf. Now, I'll proceed to bribe you all with lotsssssss pictures. Why bribe? So next time you wouldn't have the heart to stop visiting my boring blog HAHAHA.

I actually having two giant pimples on my cheek that day. I tried to photoshop it but as a super-untalented-me, it looks like I have a very ugly big scar on my cheek. But I managed to photoshop my jawline to make my face looks like a little bit of V-shape face Son Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls Korean group)!

Showing off my curls. There is a salon I love to go in Miri. One of the workers can't talk properly and I think that can be count as disable, no? But I don't think he is deaf. Only he can't talk like normal people. I love his work! He manages to make me feel like a superstar with a super gorgeous curls. Everytime I step out from the salon with curly hair done by him, I keep getting compliments mostly from chinese. If you are Malaysian, you know how hard it is to get a compliment from chinese people especially if you are not chinese. Not to be racist here but this is what I see from my observation.

This is the most brave hair color I use and god knows how I really love this color! But this is actually against my job etiquette and I think I have to change it again next year T___T Or should I just stay with this color and do nothing except showing them my braveness?

Closer look of my ribbon ring.

I'm now at my home (where I can surf the net like a boss) in Sabah. While I'm having this super speed internet, I wouldn't miss any moment of enjoying it HAHAHA. I'll leave you all here. I'm gonna enjoy browsing items in taobao XD XD XD


  1. vujie!!! ive fallen in love with your hair!!! arggghhhh~~~ *faints hysterically* LOLOL!

  2. Nekochan;

    yeah, me too!! hahahaaa.. nao my hair involved in triangle love between me and you LOL.