Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quick Update

Top : Polkadot Sleeveless from Dazzle Fairy
Skirt : Harajuku Short Skirt from Dazzle Fairy
Bag : Vintage Telephone from local boutique

Top : Vintage Bunnies from Dazzle Fairy
Pant : Nicole from local store

Dress : Fashionable Girls Printed Dress from Dazzle Fairy
Bag : Piano bag from local boutique
Accessories : Angel Wings from Dazzle Fairy

Thank goodness I am now recovering from flu. Hopefully no more driving with headache, or sleepy (effect of meds) while driving, etc. I know I know. It's dangerous but I have no choice. Frankly, yes I do have a choice. Which is hire a driver wtf.

Last week my school held a Language Week and I was in charge for karaoke competition. I purposely chose to handle that because it's fun to me, rather than in charge for poem, story telling, scrabbles and all. Plus, my colleagues knew when there is karaoke event in school, I always be the first to choose song wtf. So they just let me have fun with myself handling karaoke HAHA. All done very well. My talented students sang really well. Their sporting parents came as well so the event became merrier and happier. So now, hectic Language Week ended. And I'm looking forward for another hectic week wtf. Okay, May is approaching and I'm gonna be busy with preparing my students for their mid year test. Oh wait. I haven't prepared with questions yet -____________-"  

Just a quick update. Suddenly I realise that I haven't done my lesson plan. Ugh I thought I've done all things T______________T So yeah. Take care!