Friday, November 16, 2012

effortless chic

I don't remember very well when it started but I notice that I no longer use 16mm diameter contact lens, no longer line my eyes 5m and wing it doll like (still do but more natural), no longer wear princessy dress, no longer loving barbie striking pink (well actually I've never love striking pink HAHA). I also notice that my style also changed. I can't say much because things will usually change from time to time.

My favorite blogs were #1 Cheeserland, #2 AudreyFourFeetNine, #3Xiaxue. Now they all rank down. My most favorite blog now is VivyProudduck. I've never missed read her new blogpost. She's so entertaining. And her outfits are very inspiring. Her pretty face helps too :) And her expensive bags (I-am-jealous!). I tried to find out what is her fashion called, then yesterday I think the word 'effortless chic' is suitable. She didn't put too many layers on her but still she looks very great. She just dress neatly and put some accessories, then tadaaa~ she's ready to go. Because of her, my top shopping website now is FashionValet HAHA that also tell you guys that I made few purchases already *sigh* I promise you can't take your eyes easily from that dangerous web!

Knowing that she's also petite (standard size of Malaysian I think), guess the way she dress herself can also suit me.
Sailor top : Roger Yong 
Pants : local store

My first try on palazzo pants. I used to think that palazzo thing not suitable for me because I'm short but Vivy rock it very well. Little did I know that it is very comfortable! Obviously, Chic Yamada's palazzo pants seems like the best, but this cheap material lycra palazzo I bought from local store also nice. And tuck in? Helloooo? What style is that? Very skema lah you know! Yea, I used to think that way but why it looks nice when I try??? *confuse*. My other half yet to see this style. I'm pretty sure his comment will be like 'ugh! Buruk.' He doesn't have fashion sense, please be informed HAHAHA.

Flower top : Bandung
Pants : Padini
Headband : local store

Tuck again? HAHA see how easy I can be influenced? That headband, didn't it reminds you to Salvatore Ferragamo bow style? Actually I'm so over headband thing already but it can't be helped I still use it sometimes. Sereni & Shentel headbands are the best! Very gorgeous. But their prices are expensive for my accessories standard. Maybe one of you would like to give it to me as present? Please give me your email, I'll give my address HAHAHAHA.

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