Wednesday, November 21, 2012

quality x quantity

It is a fact that I have too much clothes. My family and friends acknowledge that I am a serious shopper. I used to spend my money on buy 3 free 1, or buy 2 free 1, or buy 1 free 1, or buy 2 for a price of 1, or whatever-you-know-how-it-works. So my wardrobe is never empty. But frankly, out of 3, there is only one of them that I really want. The other two are just to fill the quota. And usually, the material is not good. One throw into a washing machine will destroy it. If it doesn't fit to my body perfectly, I don't want to wear it again. But to throw it into dustbin, I will be investigated by my mom why I waste it like that. To avoid all that, I just put it inside the wardrobe but never wear again *sigh* That's how my wardrobe exploding. 

Now I am reducing them. Since I'm now living alone, I can throw my imperfect shirts whenever I want HAHAHA no one will nag and no one will pick it up again from the dustbin. I prefer to hang all my shirts instead of fold them because I can have all the so-called-walk-in-wardrobe by myself. I notice that almost half of shirts I own, I don't wear often. Some of them I only wore once! For instance, I don't like to wear a shirt with school logo (you know when everyone agree to have same shirt with same logo and same color duh!). So when I have to, I only wear once. 

One of the reason why I buy too many is because I tell myself that I have to buy so I can match it with a pant I bought recently. I am always lazy to try first my purchase (my bad I know) because I always feel like I can fit into anything since my body is not that weird HAHAHA, so I just proceed to the cashier. Little did I know when I come home and try to match it using the imagination I had earlier, it comes out wrong wtf. So there it goes the top will rest in peace in wardrobe fml.

Same goes to bags or shoes issue. I have to buy to match with this and that. In the end nothing is right.

So, I'm going to reducing them be selling or give them out to my family or unfortunate students and only put quality ones into my wardrobe. I'll teach myself patience. No more being crazy when seeing all that SALE signs. Keep calm and buy quality instead of quantity.

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