Sunday, November 11, 2012

End year school break has come

First, I'm presenting you guys my most popular selca at the moment. I uploaded this in instagram then my friends commented I look like shampoo model here. Thank you to the fan. Due to the likes on instagram, I uploaded again in facebook. and managed to get 15 likes HAHAHA that's a good news to me. Before this, just to get 1 like, I had to call genie in a bottle to grant my wish wtf. My aunt some more commented I look like Fauziah Latif, famous Malaysia pop singer 10 years ago LOLOL.

 You all just want to make me happy right? fml

mustard dress and necklace from Bandung
watch from W♥C
shoes from Kiss & Tell

I took a leave that day because I think I deserve it. Worked hard for the week arrange this and that, key in marks, etc etc etc. So I put effort on doll up myself and go out. I love it how I can take all the time in the world putting make up on my face and choosing apparels and accessories. My usual days are usually rush everything because I need to be at school before the bell rings. Sometimes I would skip contact lens because I wake up late. Sometimes I wear tracksuit even though I know I won't teach PE that day because I am too lazy to iron baju kurung. I wear sandals to school because the environment is not right for me to wear heels. It sadden me that I'm super messy these days. So, when I have extra time I put effort to make myself pretty and neat again.

Was unhappy last week. I failed again in applying to transfer back to my hometown. This time I'm very sad. Guess I put too much hopes this time. I think it's time already for me to come back to my family. I've been away from my family since secondary school. I went to boarding school, then further my study to college that also far from home, and now working very very very far too. So I spent very little times with family. Some people just don't understand. They say it's okay to stay far from family as long as payday comes every month without fail. I bet they simply say like that because they stay with their family. They don't know the down side. But it's okay. I will try again next April :)

Me that didn't look like me HAHAHA.

Till then, bubbye!