Saturday, November 24, 2012

EMODA haul

People say Japan goods are really good. The best Japan stuff I can get around my place is from Daiso or 100yen. The dark side is they don't sell apparels wtf. But the small items I can find there all are good! I mean the cuteness and the use of the item worth the price. In fact, I can find same item like what I can find in Daiso at other places BUT nothing can beat the cuteness Daiso carries. Being a girl, cuteness is important wtf. Say like others will buy sponge at market for RM4.50 but I will spend RM5 for a sponge in Daiso because it is in Hello Kitty head shape HAHAHA that's how I live my life. 

So, EMODA which is one of Japan brand apparently increase its popularity in a blink of eye. They don't need ten years to grow. From my opinion, their focus is simplicity but something that is easy to mix and match. If you read Cheeserland and Fourfeetnine, you can see how EMODA apparels instantly caught your eyes even though it is just a pair of socks. Me too. I noticed myself keep clicking on EMODA Global website and placed orders HAHAHA. Here are my purchases.

Bulky Insole Shoes in Blue

Even the box caught my eyes. I can't take my eyes out of it. It is so chic with the combination of black and white. It's weird that Japan didn't use numbers like US which is most commonly used. They use S, M and L size. So I gambled my life on choosing size. Luckily, S fits me.

I wanted pink but it sold out. This blue is awesome too. Recently, I bought pairs of high heels but it is a bit hard to wear heels for shopping purpose. My shopping slot is never 15 minutes. It will takes hours of walk. In a same time, I want height! Platform is the best choice. I foresee myself wearing these gorgeous here and there.

Camera Case

Before I place orders, I was pretty sure this case won't fit my camera. It is more to a compact camera case. But I was thinking of make this as my phone case. When it arrived, I'm right. My camera can't fit. But it's okay because iPhone 4 can fit. So, mission accomplished wtf. It is made of synthetic leather. I swear I don't know what is synthetic leather but that's what they say HAHAHA. I love how simple it is but it still gives impact to your daily fashion. Sometimes, I am lazy to bring my handbag to run errands. So, I had to hold phone and purse like that. Guess this will definitely solve my problem. It can handles my phone and enough money for a simple errand.

I admit they ain't cheap but for me they worth it because of the quality. But in Japan, it is their standard price. If you say you can buy this for RM 20, for me that's your choice. I also can get that price if I buy in taobao but not this quality. It's all in your hand.

I am happy with my purchase. EMODA handles my orders very good. But I suggest for them to improve their website. I mean update the shipping status. For my orders, the shipping status never changed even after I received my parcel HAHAHA. I went to their fb page and asked why my orders were still unshipped even after 5 days. The next day, Poslaju van came and honked. I spotted instantly a chic box next to the driver and I knew it was mine. The poslaju man must be very confused why is this girl smiles very very very wide. Am I too handsome for life or what HAHAHA.

So yeah, I can see myself as return buyer for EMODA :)


  1. hi dear, may i know your usual shoe sizing so i can gauge which size I shld take for the shoes? :)

    1. Mine is usually US6 or 36. But I think I should take M. S is okay, it just I think M will be more comfortable :)