Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Life didn't come with instructions

Working on my lesson plan actually. Take a break cz I suddenly remember I haven't update my blog wtf. So here I am.

Life is just good. I miss those time I was at home woke up late and when boredom came, just dolled up myself picked car keys and magically I stood up in the mall already HAHA.

Last weekend I can't hold it anymore. 5 days without mall made my eyes opened widely super early in Sunday morning (wtf it was Sunday okayyy I should sleep until 2pm) took bath and vroooommm I said 'Hello Miri malls!'.

If you are impatient like me to find carpark especially in weekend in Miri, you must take me as an example in life wtf. Arrive super early at the mall just because I can park my car as nearest as I can to the entrance. Bruneians love to come to Miri on weekends so malls will be flooded by their giant cars all day. So I have to be extra competitive!

Phewww I don't know what will happen to me this weekend. I'll put forks on the table next to my table before I sleep this Saturday so if my eyes open widely early in the morning again I'll stab the forks to my eyes T_T
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