Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blackberry Gyaru Case

I've gone through tough week. Too many tasks but I did great. A big applause for me wtf. By great I mean at least I counted students mark correct and passed them up to headmaster on time, I made lesson plans on time, I did well when being observe by supervisor and so on. So I think I'm committed to my career now wtf.

I accidentally hurt my right thigh just now. Blood comes out and I know it would be painful when taking bath. To make it worst, I left handyplast at school fml T_T

Okay back to the entry title. As usual my body alarm don't know how to switch off herself even in weekend. So last week I woke up early with nothing to do and too bad if I oversleep then my head will spins like spinning 'gasing' wtf. So I had no choice opened my eyes and looked for something to kill the time.

So there was my effort for last weekend. I changed my dull blackberry silicone case to a stunning one. Most gyarus turn their mobile like that and since I'm tripping to be gyaru then I must have jewellery seal on mine too wtf. Ok laa that one is cheat one. I made my effort easier by bought the ready made seal and just stick it on the case. How easy HAHAHA.

I'm thinking of changing stuff around me to gyaru inspired one. Make up brushes, combs, mirror frames, shades and all I want to put blings on them! Excluding my blythes. They are already beautiful without blings :D
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