Friday, January 7, 2011

Twitter issues

I realize now I can't comment on my blog thru bb (or maybe I'm the dumb one dunno how to comment). Sorry Nor, nda dapat aku reply komen ko. And I can't put labels on entries too. And I can't bold my 'HAHAHA' too. And my pics will all be ugly bcz I upload it straight from hp without ps them first. And and and anddddd okay too many complains.

When I twitter-ing I usually don't give a damn on grammar or typo or whatever. In case you are following my, you are allowed to laugh on my grammatical errors HAHAHA. How come people can get million followers on twitter? Do you follow zillion people too? I twit since Oct 2008 and only have not more than 200 followers and my tweets not more than 3000. HAHAHA I'm very kesian laaa.

But twitter is the only space where I can curse freely. There is not many people I know in real life so no matter I'm being mean or whatever they still don't know the real me.

To be honest, I always talk to myself on twitter cz when I ask question nobody care to reply my tweet fml. Maybe I should follow all politicians and start talking about politics economics and all so I'll start making friends there HAHAHA.

If you want to start twitter but you such a boring person who'll talk about your boring life, make sure you have drop dead gorgeous face then everyone will be your friend even you are totally boring! They'll make efforts to entertain you. I've seen this. Just because this girl is gorgeous, even if she tweet about bird chirping outside her window also can have millions replies HAHAHA.

Why God didn't give me that face who can attracts EVERYbody in the world?
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