Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to where I refuse to stay..

....more than a week. Pfft finally I'm back to plantation area.

Kinda lazy wake up in the morning and grab towel to take bath even my eyes are still refuse to open widely. Never mind. As long as my lesson plan book is pink HAHAHA. My obsession on pink is really really obvious that my colleagues know about that. Instead of giving me boring color book, they gave me pink HAHA. Okay so the beginning of my 2011 is not so boring.

Long journey from Sabah to Miri made my mind still unstable I think. This morning when parents came to me wanted to pay their children school fees, I was like 'what the fcuk is that'? HAHAHA seriously I still don't have the mood to be a good teacher yet.

I'm gonna stop now cuz I got loads of movies to be finished HAHA. See u again. Tata~
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