Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Working days

Sorry picture in this entry not edited so you have to see my ugly face but you need to see my effort! You are allowed to go puke. I managed to put on make up to school! I must celebrate this HAHAHA. I woke up 6.30 am like usual but still I managed to put on contact lens foundation bb cream loose powder and etc. Fuuuhhh I'm very hardworking this year wtf.

My life now is just nice where I act like I have alzheimer so I don't remember I have family friends and comfortable house and also EXCELLENT INTERNET CONNECTION in my hometown. That makes my life here easier I guess. Luckily I usually not a homesick person.

2011 I determined I must improve my relationship with soulmate. We fought too much last year and I'm the one who started most of the fights HAHAHA.

Fcuk lah! Recess is over so I have to go class now. Haih always like this when I want to update blog grrrrr
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