Saturday, March 19, 2011

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School break ends tomorrow T_____T wtf this should be said by students, not me cuz I'm a teacher I should say 'yes! Monday is coming. Can't wait to see my students and giving them all the knowledge in the world.' HAHAHA. Yes, you are reading this low motivation teacher's blog now.

I can't say I'm unhappy or happy with my job bcz if I say that, I'm giving you a negative perception on me. It all actually depends on my mood. When I'm happy then I'll say I'm happy teaching. When my mood disappear then of course I'll say I'm unhappy. That's all. No need to say 'Vujie, you better resign cuz you can't bring us better generation in the future. I'll report this to government.' HAHAHA guess my imagination is too high right now. No I'm not under drug.

I'm using my boyfriend's laptop right now so no pictures to show off. Plus, I just realize that I didn't put any make up on me for the whole week. I'm giving my face a break from any chemical wtf. No, actually pimples are all over my face during my menses. So I decided to let them free from chemical for a while. It's okay cuz my new hair extension can hide all the lacks on my face HAHAHA. Yes, I'm now having this super long hair and that makes my head heavy than ever wtf.

Since I joined soompi forum, I love to check on my nuffnang stat cuz my visitors now reach hundred. Thank you people!! I wish I can give you a sport car for each visitor HAHA. Even you didn't leave any comment, I'm still happy as long as you pay a visit for my blog. If not, I'm the only one who'll read my own blog wtf.

Gotta go now. Spending hours left before I reluctantly back to plantation which I slowly hate. Bye.

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