Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Unstable me

Your-boring-Vujie is here, again. Yeah, pimples and dark circle are here and there now. I blame the situation I've been through these days! Wtf Vujie like always you blame others where you are the one who actually ask for it T_T

I'm not really good now. My relationship was in chaotic. My work atmosphere is a mess. So do my mood. One will bring effects to others wtf. But I swear I'm getting better. My soulmate and I are getting better. Well it was actually me who being attention seeker. What? Is that wrong request for more attention from your other half?

Workplace is not really comfortable right now. Cuz a senior colleague acts like he's right all the time. Nobody could be right but him. The worst thing for me is he seems like aiming me! Wtf I didn't even touch you, why must aim me? I can't remember any of works he gave me I didn't do.

This is why I hate working with older people. Cuz I'm not the type of talking back if he/she is older than me. By older I mean 5, 6, 7, 8 and whatever years older. Why my mum taught me not to talk back to older people even when they do wrong? Mum, you ruined my moral LOL.

Usually (especially government slave), the older the lazier. Have you ever heard that? Doesn't mean we are younger then we must work hard where you the older works less but gets much more salary wtf. For instance, I have 33 teaching periods and he has 12 teaching periods but his salary is wayyyy bigger than me. Then, he insists I must obey all the sit in schedules he arranges. Like I don't have to do all the lesson plans wtf!!

Can we work together and not putting burden on one side only you dearest older people?

If you are still student, my advice is DON'T WORK where older people are here and there like mosquitoes! Freelance. That's better. Wtf.
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