Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What happen?

Why am I always meet rude person nowadays? What happen to current generation? Why can't speak politely? I don't know you, so why being rude?

This might sounds serious topic. Like I'm one of psychology speaker, politician or whatever wtf. No lar. This is actually only an expression of me.

At first, I was thinking, why Sarawakian is rude (bcz I experience this most of the time in Sarawak)? Then I think it's unfair to judge them like that, where the rude people might be minority only. Look back at the past, I met rude people everywhere. Sabah, KL, Johore, everywhere.

So, I blame this to the current generation wtf.

What happen to family institutions nowadays? Why can't teach your member to be polite as our older generation taught us? Well, at least tell them to smile widely and speak nicely. Be nice to people and be rude only to mean people wtf.

Tell me which country put politeness number one in life. I want to migrate.
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