Monday, March 14, 2011

please take my fat belly away

I'm being generous today for updating again my blog HAHA. This is because I'm at home and I'm having this super speed internet connection oh I think I'm in heaven!

If you are following my twitter you can see I always complaining my fat belly! Grrr I'm so angry why other girls can have 23, 24, 25 inches waist? You don't eat at all? Why all the food I eat seems like can't find their way to the right place? They just love to reunion on my belly wtf.

Usually my belly measurement is 27-28 inches. I'm not happy with that! I want 25! But last night I was wondering do all the celebrities have flat tummy? Why they'll look fabulous whenever they wear high waist pants or body hugging tops? Or do they photoshop their pics first?

So I googled 'celebrities with fat belly' omg I'm mean I'm sorry I just felt curious. I found this.

So Hee from Wonder Girls! Sorry I forgot the source. She has fats on her tummy. Mine is something like that T____T.

This picture with Tiffany from SNSD included. Yes, that's how my tummy looks when I wear jeans and S size tops T__T.

My friend once told me this, "Make your boobs bigger then it'll hide your fat belly." HAHAHAHA. Or maybe I have this weird short upper body so all the fats have no where to go other than my belly wtf. Yes, my upper body is short than normal T_T. Wth I just said that now I think I'm OKU.

I need advices on how to achieve super flat tummy!! Or else, I'll continue complaining in twitter wtf.

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  1. If you're belly is anything like these girls then you have nothing at all to worry about. Personally I like a girl with a curvy belly. To me a bigger belly is very sexy, but that is just my opinion and I respect yours.