Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I have to admit I don't have any talent in finding perfect title for all my posts. Okay, this might be a short update only. But who knows if my talent in rambling shining brightly in this post wtf. Put in your mind, I'm a talking machine.

Can't remember exactly when we went for a picnic. It was my friend who really wanted to go for a picnic. She said she wanted to take a break from depression HAHAHAA. The more the merrier. That's why she invited us (my housemate and I) to join them. Them means her in law family.

Ok, to be honest I'm not really into that picnic by the way. I mean it is fun if you go picnic with people around your age then go lala and haha by your universal jokes (funny dirty nasty whatever joke types). Picnic with your friends' family who you not really close with?? Hurm. I think it was okay. Not saying that I'm not happy, but 'okay' rate only.

I pulled my hair to one side and curl it then my friend asked me, "Is that wig?" wtf she can't recognize my own hair when I tied it like that. Usually I tie it ponytail style and high. Look at my housemate's expression. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA why your face like that? We are on camera please smile HAHA.

Okay I think I overdo the liquify. My face looks weird. Told my friends, "See, even going picnic I can't switch off my make up obsession. I'm the one who wear make up now. I'm like just popped out from magazine." HAHAHAHA wtf very confident. Nevermind. My friends know my jokes.

I promised my friend yesterday I'll bring her to Secret Recipe today. So, brb!

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