Tuesday, May 3, 2011

4 days without rice

I am not on diet. Seriously. I didn't take any rice for 4 days straight because..... emm just because. I will be happier announcing this if my tummy reduce by 1 inch or more. In fact, nothing change. I didn't take rice and nothing change so nothing to be proud of wtf.

No lah. It is just I think I took rice in a very very big portion nowadays. If my friends eat one plate, I'll ask for extra plate. I think I have monster in my stomach wtf. Eat like a pig but didn't see any changes to my physical, except tummy. The only thing that can make me realize I gain a lot is weight scale HAHAHA. So I decided not to eat rice and cooked spaghetti for 4 days straight. My mum must be proud of me cz I know how to cook something now wtf.

But, do you still call it cook when all that I do is just throw anything reasonable into the pan and fry them then claim it as my best dishes for my whole life? Fml.

My aim for not taking rice will end today. Cuz I plan to eat unreasonable portion of rice today wtf. Now you know I'm 100% truly Malaysian. I can live without rice. That's my objective in life wtf.
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