Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gaahhh!! Mizuki Nishikawa photospam!

Gosh I really need a rest!! Been working back to back these few days. That explains why I don't have much time to blog. Blogging in this blog is not only posting some craps, but it also needs lots of photoshop works HAHAHA. And I don't really have pictures to be shared because recently my days are only filled with boring stuff. Like working, eating, resting, sleeping, working, eating, resting, sleeping wtf.

Looking at my work schedule for this coming July, I don't think I'll get enough rest. Especially in the weekends. All things related to work must be done in July pfftt. Only in August I can rest a little bit from any outdoor activities because it is fasting month and for sure I won't have extra energy to run here and there while fasting fml why am I weak like this.

And, my blackberry camera can't function properly since yesterday T___T. It'll shows an error like 'Camera unable to open. Close other applications and try again.' or something like that. I accidentally dropped it like two or three times but nothing happened, until yesterday. As long as I remember, I didn't drop it yesterday. I've read in the internet how to solve the problem and I found many people face the same problem.

1. Some said it is because of the lens that might be moved a bit out of it original position.
2. Some said need to upgrade OS.
3. Some said pull the battery for at least 30 seconds.
4. Some said press lightly on the camera lens.

I didn't try no.1 because I am afraid I'll break the lens.
I don't have the idea what the hell is OS, so no.2 is out of the question.
I did try no.3 zillion times and did not work at all.
No.4 works a little bit. It back to normal for like 3-7 seconds only wtf.

Okay. I think maybe the screws are loose. Because it can back to normal after I pressed lightly on the camera lens. I don't have special screwdrivers so I can't do it myself. Plus, I don't want to take a risk having a damage blackberry T__T No choice. I'll bring it to the specialist pfftt.

Now I want to spam you with some pictures of Mizuki Nishikawa or Mizukitty!! She's really cute! I've been attracted to her since the first time I bought Popteen. But on that time I can't differentiate Mizukitty and Nana Suzuki wtf. Both are cute and I am jealous to the max! I always want hair like her. And her cheeks. And her eyes. And her smile. And her ability to put out her tongue but still cute (if I pose like that I look like a retard wtf). She's also one of the reason why I wear back Super Barbie Angel 16mm because she's super adorable when wearing it and I'm trying hard to be adorable too HAHAHA.

Erk cannot say this is photospam actually because I only put four pictures HAHAHA. Next time, I will do proper photospam XD . Till then, bye!


  1. Mizukitty is totally cute, but I honestly think some of the other girls in popteen are prettier >.<

  2. Chococcuro;

    that's true. I think Mizukitty, Hikari and Nana are cute. Kumicky and Mari are pretty. :D

  3. yes, i think she's cute too! i totally agree when you say you try hard to be like her, cause i try too...she's so kawaii in everything :3

  4. Anonymous;

    I wonder if she has magic cute spell on her LOL