Wednesday, June 15, 2011

VuJiE's make up tutorial

This entry is seriously full of pictures!
Might take long time to load if your internet connection is slow.

I used to be a girl who only put moisturizer and compact powder on the face. Then I learned and keep learning about make up. Where actually a bit late for age like this because I don't have enough money at my young age HAHAHA. So here is an entry about make up skills that I've learnt from decade ago.

No, actually this is my usual make up that I put on my face everyday to go to work. Here's the chemicals HAHAHA.

Nothing too expensive in my make up bag. I don't have super sensitive skin, so I use cheap products only because my skin didn't react badly to them.

Nude face aging skin fml. I'm wearing Super Barbie Angel Brown 16 mm lens.

I put on lip balm first to avoid dry lips. And to make it easier to put lip concealer later.

Moisturizer first and then BB cream. Just put a little on face because too much BB cream will only make you look fake.

I put concealer on my eyebags, nose, and lips. Concealer helps cover tired eyes, blackheads and not-so-pink lips wtf. My concealer is from Silkygirl in medium.

Make sure you choose the right compact powder for your skin because too light powder make you fake and too dark powder make you old pfftt. Mine is from ZA no.22

This part is my favorite. Candy Doll Mineral Powder. Don't ask why. You know it's good for you as long as it is mineral, such as mineral water HAHA. Okay okay serious.

Sometimes I feel like it helps reduce oily face. Emphasize on T-zone because there is critical area on my face. I think I have oil factory on my T-zone wtf.

I am not the kind of putting colorful make up on my eyes. I love natural. So ZA dramatic eye color gold is my favorite. No 1 above is for highlight and no 2 as base. I rarely use black color because I don't really suit smoky eyes. And yes, I put eyelid sticker after I put eyemake. Some people may put before putting everything but I don't actually follow all the rules step by step HAHAHA.

This pencil is from Korea and bought it for RM10 only. It can make eyes look fresh.

Next is defining my eyebrows. I use Kiss Me Eyebrow Highlighter. I made a review before and you can read it here.

Okay. This part needs skills. I love to make the eyeline longer at the end and winged out a little bit to give dolly eyes effect. Actually don't make it too long or else people will spot your fake eyes much quicker HAHAHA. I prefer using dark brown liquid liner from In2it because it is easier to handle and adjust in case I do imbalance line left and right eye wtf.

Next is line lower part of eyes use this Maybelline eyeliner pencil in dark brown. Make sure it connecting your original eyeshape with the eyeline that you create earlier. Man, my explanation really sucks. I hope that red arrow helps.

Time to make my cheeks look pink and healthy (and cute wtf).

Okay I didn't edit picture above so that's the original looks of Candy Doll Cheek Color Peach Pink on my cheeks.

We almost finish. Next is putting lip concealer. My lip concealer is from Candy Doll. Do not put too much to make it less shiny. This is my review in case you want to read.

My lipstick is always Revlon Colorburst nude color. I am not really a fan of red lips. And I've been using Majolica Majorca ages ago.

And that's the usual lips I do everyday.

Lastly, put on your favorite fake lashes. My favorite is always Dolly Wink lashes XD


Truly sorry for my lack of wise words and grammatical errors. And excuse my bad explanation T___T Have fun trying! XD


  1. Awesome tutorial! You look so cute!!

  2. bagus ka BB cream??? aku dgr bgus ni...

  3. nekochan;

    i never put make up like that back in college days HAHA.

  4. nor a.k.a tulisan buruk ;

    aku pakai yg maybelline punya ni ok juga aku rasa.
    senang mau kasi rata.
    lagipun dia tulis mineral bb cream.
    aku ni asal mineral ja bagus la tu kali HAHA.

  5. Beautiful! I love your eyes :3 xx