Friday, June 10, 2011

Yellow Kebaya

Told you I've been to a wedding, right? These pictures I got from facebook. Pictures taken using DSLR actually so it should be in high quality but facebook and blogger really mean when it comes to chio pictures wtf. Everyone have DSLR (except me) nowadays, so I don't have to bring my own lame camera to take perfect pictures like these HAHAHA.

Now I realise yellow makes me look fat fml.

Presenting to you, my other half HAHAHA.

Stop staring at my weird body okay HAHAHA. Not weird actually, it was because of the kebaya (can't accept fact wtf). Actually his brother (and one I-don't-know-who) took zillion pictures of us but he hadn't upload yet. So, I'll keep waiting XD


  1. wah... i really love kebaya nyonya
    get 1 in very green at Criteria
    cost me RM 600

  2. Princess Momoy;

    Rm600?? Wah very expensive! Must be very very awesome one.