Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I need energy. I need You C1000.

Been busy these days. Working is no fun when you need to leave your family behind pfftt. I mean like I was a happy person (because I can have excellent internet speed and no pressure fml) at home but after two weeks need to go back to where I should be and educate new generation. Doesn't mean I hate to teach. The fact that I posted to somewhere that I am not quite happy is what I don't really like. To be exact, I hate to be here where I spend all my time (after working) talking to the wall wtf.

But, I still enjoy going to class and joking with my lovely students HAHAHA. And in the same time, I feel like I'll be trapped in this kid mindset for the rest of my life wtf.

If I'm not mistaken, Xiaxue made an advertorial about this You C1000 before this. And as always, I can be easily influenced by people wtf. Actually stuff that can be found in Xiaxue's blog, most of them can hardly be found in Malaysia pfftt. But she always made those stuff interesting to try!

So I accidentally found You C1000 in local mini market. Cost me RM2.50, which is I think a bit expensive. No, actually I am stingy HAHAHA. I was in doubt at first to try. For me, energy drink always don't taste delicious fml. That explain why I don't drink 100plus and prefer coke HAHAHA. But then, I ate my words. You C1000 tastes seriously delicious! Vitamin Orange tastes exactly like orange juice. No yucks taste I can guarantee.

See what I found in the label? HAHAHA no wonder I've never found this You C1000 before in local shops. Even this You C1000 I bought is actually For Sale in Brunei Darussalam Only. I don't have idea how the owner managed to smuggle those drinks from Brunei. Because from my experience, the immigration people are strict. They can ask you to open your boots just to check what things you have in your car if you look suspicious pfftt.

That's all for now. Tadaaa~

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