Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Peter Pan Collars

I just came back from a wedding. It was actually my boyfriend's sister wedding. So I went there to lend them my hands wtf. His sister is so kind to me, so it is not nice of me if I didn't attend her wedding. Where actually my cousin getting married at the same time too T_____T. So I am a bit tired now pfftt.

I suppose to do an entry for my recent Dolly Wink Eye cream but I am too lazy now to put on full make up on my face. You don't expect me doing a review on eye make with nude face right? Plus I have one entry still in my draft HAHAHA. I wanted to publish that entry since decade ago but keep delaying it. It is actually an entry about my daily eye make. Since no one ask me 'how do you make your eyes awesome (or at least I think so wtf) like that?' but I am the one who really vain want to show off my make up skills, so I keep it safe in my draft pfftt.

Ank Rouge is one of awesome fashion line from Okarie (she is Popteen model in case you don't know). Everytime I bought and read Popteen, her sense of fashion usually caught my eyes. The more I look at them the more I realise I actually attracted to the collar style. It is called Peter Pan Collars if I am not mistaken.

Collar like this looks very sweet, nerd and honest, don't you think so? I am not really into wearing accessories like necklace when I put on awesome outfits (at least I think so too wtf) so awesome collar like this will helps my look a lot.

To my surprise, I found the tutorial in tumblr!! Yeayyy I can make it by myself. Do not worry. I'll share it with you all later XD

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  1. Hehe I know what you mean about posting a tutorial...I don't feel like I'm an expert or that people would want to know how to do what I do so I haven't posted one also >.<