Monday, October 24, 2011

Kuching Eyecandy

Hi! This is my long lost entry. HAHA this one actually should be posted decades ago. Went Kuching on September and now we are heading to November pfftt *procrastinator. It was my first time travel to Kuching and this is one of my wishes, which is travelling alone. Ehem actually not really alone.

Okay sorry. Picture above shouldn't be there HAHA. As I mentioned in this blog earlier, at first this travel suppose to be road travel because I am too confident I can drive alone by myself for almost 12 hours to reach Kuching wtf. But then, plan changed. Bought tickets and it became air travel HAHA.

And I googled a lot about where to stay in Kuching. Even asked in twitter! Luckily got feedback that helps. I decided to stay in Abell Hotel. This hotel is comfortable with red color as the theme. The most important is affordable!

I almost call other luxurious hotels to make reservation but then I thought I shouldn't spend too much money for a bed where I didn't use 24 hours. I only need a room to sleep safely at night. So this room is considered small (single bed) but still okay.

And sexy bathroom HAHA. The only thing I don't like about this room is it's lack of mirrors. The only mirror is in the bathroom.

When I first booked this room, I know it doesn't have window. HAHA it actually do have window and you can find plastic plants out there.

Not forget to mention for this single room you need to book via website and pay on the spot. You can't book this single room by phone call. What if you paid for this room and cancel your booking at the last minute? That's a question I cannot answer wtf.

Yes, this is the exact reason why I went to Kuching. My friend, Shima Sanim wedding (both of them were my classmates back in college). I am not a good photographer so you better go to her blog to find more interesting pictures of her wedding. Seriously, she made her wedding really awesome! Simple but cute.

For guests.

I adore her wedding gown. Princess one!

Happy smiles of newlywed.

So, what about me? HAHA.

Thanks to my friends Cahya, Yaya and Cahya's sister, they were really generous to pick me up and tagged me along wherever they went so that I wouldn't feel alone pfft (that's why I said I was not really alone).

But then, after attending the awesome wedding, I told them it's okay I feel like go sightseeing by myself. So, here starts my travelling alone wtf. I was lucky because by the time I went there, Kuching held a Sarawak Regatta. It is actually a water sports event where you can see boat race, wakeboard and all.

Took these police motorcycles without realised the policemen were actually standing right behind those big size motorcycle HAHAHA. I quickly acted like a tourist (or am I?). They must thought why is this girl take picture of bikes and not us HAHA. Cahya's brother told us these are the new line of policemen bikes or whatever it is. Looks more stunning than the old one.

And this is Chief Minister of Sarawak's car.

Sorry I am not a good photographer. This is so Malaysia. What is Malaysia without hundreds food stalls wtf.

Angry birds get angry in a sunny day wtf

Traditional music instruments. This one called gong.

Sarawak traditional costumes.

Traditional stuff (i-do-not-know-the-names-pfft)

My shitty face after walked along the Kuching Waterfront pfft. It was so hot and I knew I'll get sunburnt.

Thank you Shima for sending me to the airport.

Shima and Sanim. I am so happy for both of you! And very jelly too because you two very cute pfft.

HAHA so thank you for reading this post written by untalented blogger.