Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Sweet Dolly 01

This post is actually not really a review because when I read a review post by other bloggers, they will put pictures on how to use how the textures how is the pigmentation and all. Too bad I know nothing about all that! All I know is just how it will look on me. I don't even know what is pigmentation is wtf (lazy blogger). For a very good review, please use google thank you pfft.

So I bought this months ago. I don't actually need colorful eyeshadow since my daily eyeshadow is brown. I don't know how to put colorful make up or if I even dare to try, I'll end up looking like a clown. So, no thanks.

Honestly, I bought this eyeshadow because of Tsubasa. As for me, there's nothing special about the colors anyway since I can get these colors on other brands. But then, I gave a try. The packaging looks like Anna Sui don't you think? Well, both Anna Sui and Dolly Wink are more to cuteness and girlish.

To my surprise, Tsubasa did a good job! I can pick up these colors in one swipe only. Is that what they call pigmented and creamy? Fml. Do not worry if you are afraid on what color to put in this area because the packaging that can be opened up like a book will show you that. Means that you pay not only for the eyeshadow but for the tutorial too exclusively by Tsubasa Masuwaka wtf.

Okay this was my first try. I didn't put heavy eyeshadow on me because I was afraid I'll look like someone just punched me straight on my eyes. Well, that actually happen when I overdo my make up fml. I am sorry if I disappoint you because my picture didn't actually showed the real result of Dolly Wink eyeshadow.

For daily make up, I just emphasize on the eyeliner. So I practised hard to get the right shape wtf.

Oh I lost that bracelet I wore in the picture last week T___________T. That was my first bracelet I bought use my own money and now I lost it.

When you can have a good lighting or the sun is shining brightly that will compliment your skin, don't hesitate to take zillion pictures of you wtf.

Our government house looks like this *truestory

In every pictures I took, I felt like I gained weight but weight scale told me I am not *confusing

HAHAHAHA puffer fish face. Pfftt I hate Malaysian boys pretend to hate those Malaysian girls who take picture like me above. Yeah right when Malaysian girls do that you despise the most. But when Korean do that, you say cute max. If you don't like just shut up. Gosh I sound like I am one of the puffer fish face girls HAHAHA no I am not. I prefer giving big eyes with normal face or smiling brightly in pictures.

Till then, bubbye!


  1. thanks for this 'review' ! :D I'm planning to buy one soon ! :)

  2. Maii;

    HAHA hope you enjoy my 'review' !

  3. haha your outfit looks very similar to the blue packaging for the Dolly Wink Lashes .. #2 i think? With the poka dots & the bows~ :D

  4. Jen;

    Haha now you mention it then i realise.

  5. makin chumel kwn aku nih...likee!!! rasa mo geget mata ko! "-___- hehe

  6. farin;

    jangan tertipu.. itu cuma a good camera makes good picture saja haha.

  7. hye cute! lovin your curls!!! bought dolly wink es too but its the no.2 gray pink teehee~ lovin its texture n lasting too even when im not using eye primer~ i just love dolly wink's product~

  8. nekochan;

    actually I tried to do curls like Yuria Kushido but failed one hahaha.