Sunday, October 30, 2011

don't read also okay

I was actually thinking of doing some shopping in taobao and was searching for Liz Lisa (fake also count wtf) but then this poor internet connection really pissed me off. Or maybe the internet is not being sporting to make sure I didn't spend more money on clothes wtf.

School near to its end already, at least for this year (which actually a hoyeeaahh for me because I can lay on my bed 24/7 but still get salary in the end of the month wtf). Well actually not all teachers like that lah. Most of us, especially for teachers who teach in town area, didn't get to rest at home 24/7 like me. They still need to go to school and do some extra classes and etc. It's a different situation for me because my school is only a small school located far from town so I can rest a little bit on holiday with no extra classes. Plus, if they ask me come to school on holiday, I have to spend money on expensive airlines tickets!! By the time the school starts again, I'm just like the rest work like there's no tomorrow wtf.

I was in my comfort zone for the whole last week because it was exam week. Went into class gave orders to the students then I read the novel calmly for at least 50 minutes. Oh I'm so lovin' it! For next week I'm all occupied for helping other teachers handling sports event. So I'm gonna meet with the sunburn again T____T

Sorry for the useless photos HAHAHA. I feel like my skin is glowing and I can't help myself from taking thousand pictures. Ever since I started working, all in my mind is always travel travel travel. Now I'm thinking of where should I go for this coming December. I'm thinking of going to KL but the tickets from KK are freaking expensive!! Grrr why why why??? Well actually I don't really want to go to KL. I prefer going to places like Penang, Langkawi or maybe Singapore hehehe.

Thinking of getting rid some of my clothes. Most of them I wore once or twice. Got some never wore too. But I can't handle any selling right now since the post office is located an hour by car from my place. Plus, I don't know if others can fit my size. I am the size of smurf (I can assure that I'm not blue wtf).

HAHAHA why am I so random? Work, travel, clothes, all in one entry. I am not faking this but I am like this in real life. I talk random stuff in one time. Sometimes I talk about a topic which my friends don't have any idea of what I'm blabbering about. How my colleagues would understand about twitter when they don't have any? But still I start my sentence with, "you know what, in twitter they gossiping about blablablablaaaa..." fml no one around me understand the virtual life I'm living in.

Out of ideas already. Bye!

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