Thursday, October 20, 2011

Princess Mimi (Bambi Series)

Yna : Hi Bunga! Where have you been? Long time no see.

Bunga : Hi Yna! Hey what do you mean long time no see? We see each other everyday! Oh okay almost forgot maybe your vision is not really good anymore. Vujie put us in our box and it is dark in there. That's why you can't see me wtf.

Yna : So, why are we here today? Not in our box wtf?

Bunga : Hey open your eyes please. Look at these small bottles. These are Princess Mimi lenses by Tsubasa Masuwaka. In Japan, they've known as Bambi series. In fact, I myself not really sure are they originally Bambi series and repackage as Princess Mimi or not.

So yeah. I've been out of my mind for a while, I bought these 3 pairs of Princess Mimi lenses. At first I don't really interested on these series because it is only 15mm. So it didn't fit my liking. Plus, most blogshops sell these as preorder. I don't want to wait months just for a lens.

Luckily, Geo Lens Town has ready stock.

They gave me redeem cards and gift voucher if RM5 too. I haven't try them all (I mean in proper make up on face) so no photos yet. In Popteen latest issue, I can see Mizukitty wears brown and it looks good on her. I wish they'll look good on me too. Especially the green one HAHAHA because for all this time I always think green is meant for fair skin girls and very pretty one. I can't imagine how do I look if I wear green cz I'm not fair and far from pretty HAHAHA.

Yna : So what's next Bunga?

Bunga : Don't ask. You knew it.

Yes, you guys will be put back in your box. I used to display them on my table but then they get dust easily. So I decided to put them in a box. Maybe I should get a glass box which can cover them from dust 100%.

Be good in there.

So these are my favorite lenses for the time being. Four from them are brown because the more natural is better. My skin color doesn't allow me to go crazy wearing colorful lenses T____T


  1. Please review the bambi/mimi series soon ^^ I've been tempted to buy these as well.. but like you, the stores here only sell them as pre-order for for an outrageous price >.<;; which colour of the 3 you have would you recommend the most? :)
    I love your favouite lens collection atm~ Esp love the one-tone brown ones in the top middle - do you have a link for where you purchased those? :D

  2. Jen;

    I've tried them already and i think the grey one suits me the best. Oh that one is my most favorite too!! XD you can read my entry abt the blogshop here