Saturday, October 8, 2011

spell emo for me

This is like a dying blog. Yes, I know it is pfftt. You know when you just don't know what to blog? Or maybe you have tons to blog but no words can describe it? That's happening to me. I went travel and still don't get the mood to blog. I hang out with friends wearing nice outfits and deserve to be blogged but still don't get the mood. I think I am starting to forget my social life in social network wtf.

Fortunately I still remember how to type favorite url and keep browsing. Most important I still can remember my blog url wtf!

The more I grow up (read : older), the more I realise a lot of things are nice to be in mute. I used to be a bird who keep chirping about my life. I thought it is nice to share my happy and unhappy moments with those who know me. But now I think I better keep them deep in my heart.

I start to feel like I prefer people not to ask me too much questions. I mean for things that does not really important. Like asking who is the owner of my heart or maybe asking why I didn't hang out often anymore or maybe why I didn't plan for my marriage yet or maybe why my car break down again or whatever. Sometimes it is just annoying T__T

For the time being I want to do all things I haven't done yet. Time has never been kind to me waiting for me even a second. It keeps passed me although I am not ready yet. It is a sad thing when I plan to do things then I tell someone, in the end I don't get the responses that I want. Like when I tell people I want to go somewhere alone and they keep insisting it is too dangerous to go alone. So what should I do? Keep waiting till someone offering himself/herself accompanying me? That's wasting my lifetime. Life should be a little dangerous.

I don't want to play safe all the time. That is too boring. If I want to play safe I can lock myself in my room all the time so that safe zone will forever be mine.

Money is important but it is okay to spend money. Today we spend money but who knows tomorrow God has planned a lot of money for us. So, why should people keep worrying about my finance?

Sometimes I wish people can try to understand my desire in life and let me do things I want to do.

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