Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mega Hotel Miri review

This streamyx is driving me crazy right now. People are complaining in twitter too. Streamyx, you know we love you. Y U no faster faster faster?? These days, I'm spending my school break watching Family Outing non stop. My cousin is very awesome she lent me her Family Outing collection. When my boyfriend came last Saturday, he gave me weird look and asked many times what's so funny that I laugh crazily. When he watched it with me, he laughed louder wtf. So that's the reason why I abandoning my blog HAHAHA.

Today's entry is about hotel that I love to stay in Miri. Originally I want to blog about the taobao haul (already took pictures of each clothes) but too lazy to edit all the pics, so I'll blog about this Mega Hotel first.

Living in plantation is really boring. At least, boring for me. So I usually escape from plantation and stay in hotel at Miri just to breath and sleep in air conditioned room wtf. Before I'm coming back to Sabah last month, this Mega Hotel was very generous they gave me this complimentary fruits. I guess it was a complimentary for obedient Vujie who keep checking in to Mega Hotel and became too broke to eat delicious food wtf.

Juicy fruits with a letter from management.

We wish you a pleasant stay with us (thanks for spending money on us too wtf)

I just love staying here for reasons. Easy to get taxis, easy to get foods, easy to get car park, everything easy. The room is very spacious too. I took my big family staying here last time. A room with double beds is enough for us, 5 adults and 4 kids. Or maybe we are the size of smurfs (except my brother) and that explains a room is enough HAHAHA.

Look like dead in the morning but actually very busy at night. A very nice place to hang out with friends at night.

Nice view from level 15.

The tall building in the picture is a hotel too. It's Imperial Hotel. I haven't stay there, yet. Probably because it is too expensive for me HAHAHA.

From the first time I check in here, I noticed this small house on the roof. It reminds me to Hong Kong movies. They usually have this kind of house and I feel it is really cool to live on a roof and having a fresh open air environment.

Room rate. I admit they're expensive. I use government rate so it's a little bit cheap for me HAHA. For more info, please visit Mega Hotel official website.


  1. the hotel do look nice ! I'm going to sabah this 21th until 24th, maybe we can meet up? :D hahaha. Btw, is the I love Japan tee, is ok? One of my blog sponsor said, she sell it for cheap price because there's some dirty at the back of the tee. So i wanna know, if yours is ok..Cuz i really wanna buy it >.<

  2. Maii;

    Really? Waa that's great! I can't promise yet but I'll try. Bcz it's near Xmas, usually we have family vacation around that date. I really hope I can make it. Meet up sounds nice :)
    Erm mine is good. No dirty at all. Maybe not all of them and I got the good one XD