Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year

Finally it's Friday. I don't know should I feel happy or not. Okay, if I'm not happy because it's weekend I must be insane already wtf. But it's weekend plus two days chinese new year holiday and I'm stuck here can't go back to Sabah because airlines tickets are sold out, do you think I should be happy?? Now I regret why didn't I think of this before so I can buy the ticket earlier pfft.

Originally, I don't have the intention of going back. School has just started about three weeks ago so I thought it's just a waste of money. Not even start to miss home yet wtf. But then, everyone already on their way back to hometown and left me alone here!!! What kind of #foreveralone is this? Am I really destined to be like this?? Can anybody lend me a shoulder so I can cry a river? T____________T So now I'm officially alone with no housemate no neighbours around me. I'll lock the doors and windows all the time to avoid me being rape wtf

I'm trying to be positive now. I'm gonna do everything useful to make my days productive!

And today I woke up early because I kind of lost myself in the morning thinking deeply today is Friday or Saturday? Why does it feels like Saturday? The process of deciding whether its Friday or Saturday stopped right after I heard the voice of my neighbour's son, so I knew its Friday and I have to take bath then put on make up to make my face less ugly wtf. These photos taken while I wait for the school bell rings. I usually wait for the bell rings first then start forcing myself walk to school HAHAHA.

Okay, I edited the eyeliner too much fml. But don't you love my jawline here? Auwww I'm still learning to master it (I mean mastering how to photoshop my jawline perfectly).

Ahhhh I should start learning how to put fake nails then my pictures will be perfect in blog.


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