Thursday, January 12, 2012

serious forever alone

So yeah. I've been staring to this screen about 10 minutes thinking on how to start this post wtf. I lack the ability to make entertaining post pfft. Okay. I'm blogging now still from plantation and I need to put thousand efforts on waiting a page to load. What can I say. Coverage here is really really really poor T_____T Nothing improved since I came here two years ago. All the ads of telco are bluff one! Only cover the big city area. Those who stuck in area like plantation can only waste money on paying bills with same amount but no excellent coverage.

I haven't move to new house because some problem with the house agent. Nevermind. I found other house already and hopefully this time I can seal the deal. So, right now I still live in my comfortable zone, wake up at 7 am and arrive school at 7.20 am #likeaboss HAHAHA.

I was unpacking my stuff last week then realised than I had too many stuff! How I'm gonna pack them all later to move in to a new house?? I have tons of clothes, shoes, accessories, books, and useless stuff. Should I sell half of them? The problem is, who's gonna fit them? I'm the size of smurf!

Since I came back to school, I spent my days on watching dvd. I put myself in this small room and enjoyed my suffer by myself wtf. My life cycle is like wake up, go to school, teaching, back from school, watching dvd, take a nap, watching dvd again, sleep. I am a serious #foreveralone T___________T

I read that this year might be a hot year. By hot I mean the temperature will be higher than last year. This is probably a bad news for me because I can easily sweat heavily. I want to migrate to a place where I can live happily with penguins wtf.


  1. i've been reading ur blog for a couple of days now. I also like Japanese fashion especially gyaru. Keep on blogging? where are u from?

    1. Hi, thanks for visiting ^^
      I'm from Malaysia.

  2. oh cool. another gyaru from southeast asia.
    My name is Bright bamba nice to meet you.
    i am from the philippines but i live in california.
    you can check out my blog when you have time.