Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Interior Design

For those who following me on twitter must be really tired of me talking about my imagination of the house I'm about to rent. Not twitter but blog too. My bad. But then I think this is better than me talking about my boring work life wtf. So last week I met the house owner and discussed things that should be cleared before I start renting his house. And I went to the house already. It is actually a small low cost house. Since I'm living alone so that's not a problem at all.

It is a new house with 3 bedrooms and 1 toilet. No partition to the kitchen. So the first idea that came to my mind on how to decorate the interior was style it like Japanese! Japanese tends to have small house but it looks nice everytime I look at it through the tv or magazines. Well actually the magazines are actually Popteen magazines wtf. We can found photos of Popteen models' house or room on selected issues.

But it has been my dream to have a house with something like English theme (correct me if I'm wrong). I mean the one with cute floral patterns all over the wall. The house is originally painted with white so I'm not planning to repaint it because I think white will match nicely with those tiny cute floral patterns I imagined.

Then I started searching for some interior designs ideas on the internet. Found too many nice pictures but something like this attracts me the most;

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU why am I still have this 'kid' inside me??? I should choose something more mature! Finally found this;

YES! THISSS!!! This is what I really meant. White, cute floral, simple and nice. Obviously this need a lot of money to have a room exactly like the picture T____________T I'm in tight budget so I think I'll go for something like this;

Using cute wallpapers decorate the white wall. And I think that will save me more. The problem is finding the right wallpapers. There are hundred cheap wallpapers in town but most of them look not really nice. I mean they look cheap (they are cheap in price and cheap in looking too wtf). I want wallpapers that look really elegant or extraordinary or whatever but in affordable price! By affordable I mean below RM10 per piece wtf.

Then I remember I saved pictures from if I'm not mistaken before. I remember the picture has super nice wallpaper on it.

Wallpaper like this. I searched it in taobao earlier (because taobao always promises affordable price wtf) but still think its price is wayyyyyy over my budget. I'm not putting big budget here since the house is not mine, I'm just renting it. I don't want when the house owner find out his house is waaayyyy better than the original then he decide to chase me out and live there by himself pffftt.

But I managed to get vintage mirror like the one on the right. Not exactly the same but almost like that HAHAHA.

I also have this idea of buying all pale pink furniture but they will be freaking expensive. I don't know why all pink furniture always expensive. The cheap ones are always the ugly lame boring black pfffttt. As the alternative, I'm gonna buy the ugly lame boring black furniture because they are cheap *stingy* and repaint them pale pink #likeaboss!

Now I'm still thinking what kind of material should I choose for curtain. I want thick material so pervert neighbour can't peep me wtf. And I haven't decide the color yet. Pink again? It will matches the white wall right?

Well that's all. I'll update again soon XD

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