Sunday, January 29, 2012


I was in the mood to doll up myself last week. It was CNY holiday and I got nothing to do at home T__T what a pathetic life I'm living in fml. Suddenly I miss my alma mater. Not because I'm missing all the lectures but the friends that cheer up my day. Well at least I got few crazy friends that laugh for nothing even if it is just a lame joke.

This ballerina dress I bought months ago but haven't wear it. Simply because it's weird to wear something like this when my friends around me only wear jeans and plain tshirt. Plus, I don't have the confidence wearing this here and there because I don't have gorgeous body HAHAHA. So it stays in my wardrobe.

I can't wait to move in to my new house. I want to set up a room where I can get fabulous natural lighting and nice background that would be perfect to get self picture like this. My current house doesn't have all that.

I saw many pictures in japan mags do this pose recently. What is this exactly? Looks like a rabbit ears to me. Is it? And I tried that pose to be cute like those models and I failed HAHAHAHA. I look like retard now.

This week I keep hearing that some people likes to talk behind my back. The funny part is they talk behind me but still, all their bad talks come to me at last. It's like A and B bitching about me, then B tells C, then C tells me all the gossips. Is this their tradition or what? As a matter of fact, they're not only talk about me but my friends too. I don't know why I'm moving in to a new house (which is an hour drive to school) has negative impact to their life? It's not like I'm asking them to fetch me to school. I'll do that all by myself. Not burdening anyone.

I don't understand why I'm not putting make up on Tuesday and Thursday (because I teach PE and sweat is my bestfriend) starts troubling them. I bet they don't even know bb cream exist yet they are complaining?? Their complains are all rubbish. Not improving me at all. Plus, the people who in charge of this bad gossip things are all old people, obviously their styles are waaaayyyyyy too different from me.

So I'll just ignore those useless people. I'll just assume that boredom strikes them and they don't have things to do other than bitching others. Don't you guys feel happy that I'm being positive? HAHAHA.


  1. so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. you looks so cute *____* Ahhhhh, love the dress and shoes ! :)