Sunday, January 8, 2012


HAHAHA so last nite I made mistake. I thought I post an entry in the other blog (which I blog in my mother tongue) without realising I was actually post it in this blog. I blogged thru this not-really-smart-phone so that caused my confuseness wtf. I quickly delete it HAHA.

I'm not doing really good these days. Obviously this is not good for the opening of 2012 pfft. Everything is not working as smooth as I planned. So that depressed me. Nevermind. I'm pretty sure things will get better.

Well, as I looked into my work schedule, I think I've been challenged to work harder this year. I got to teach some new subjects. At least 'new' for me. Since last two years I've never teach music but this year I have to. Gosh I'm not good at this because sometimes (or maybe all the time wtf) I can be count as deaf tone people fml. No lar. Honestly I'm not that deaf. I can sing a little bit and know a lil bit about notes but I'm not confident I can teach music well.

So that's all rambling for this time. Wish my life will be better after this XD

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