Sunday, March 4, 2012

Girls like me can never be happy

Top and spec : WC
Bow jeans :
Shoes : Adidas Jeremy Scott Bear
Belt : Local shop

You know the situation where your flight to travel will be in a day or two, you are being nervous, keep thinking what to bring, how's the weather, how many tops, is this match that or not, etc. I'll be flying on Friday and I have that feeling already wtf. To keep myself calm, I refuse to think about it HAHAHA.

It's my first time travel to that country and I'm pretty sure the weather will be exactly the same like Malaysia. Obviously because it is our neighbour HAHAHA. For first timer, I think I need travel itinerary, which I haven't done yet! What can I say, even if I do, the list will be shopping shopping shopping wtf. Well, shopping is the main purpose. Sight seeing is number two.

Talk about shopping, I realised recently I become a picky shopper. I used to buy anything cheap not consider the quality because 'you'll get what you pay'. Now, I still buy cheap things but with good quality! It's more like finding a treasure 'cheap but good quality'. I'm happy with that. How can you not be happy when you can get good things with cheap price tag??!!! I'm not sure in other places, but in the place I'm living in right now, it is pretty hard to find treasures like that. I mean like, every good quality will comes with expensive price lah of course. I'm not gonna buy a hair ribbon for RM39.90! That's expensive for me no matter how super sweet it looks. I would love it if we have a store that selling nice used stuff. Or maybe, it is me who didn't discover it yet.

And yeah, I am actually typing this entry out of boredom, so proceed with photospam! Took these pictures I-can't-remember-when then kept them in folder like ages ago HAHAHA only now want to post them.

But please, excuseeeeeeee fats on my thigh and tummy. The camera was too high I guess that made my legs weird HAHAHA.

I used to be underweight girl for like 21 years. The heaviest was 40kg. Unhappy with that. Now I have normal BMI with 44kg weight. Unhappy too and missed me being underweight HAHAHAHA girls like me can never be happy.

I hate the 40kg because I looked like a walking ghost in picture. Selca pictures never look damn good. Face structure looked like old woman. BUT. I can be damn good showing full body shot with no fats.

I hate the 44kg because fats all over thigh and tummy can't be hidden. BUT. Selca pictures become better XD

Once again, Girls Like Me Can Never Be Happy HAHAHA.

Reason why I tried hard to gain weight was I thought me being skinny never attractive. Well you know when we were younger, we kept being surrounded with guys who wanted to find a girlfriend, kept wooing you and your friends just to try their luck. On that time no one woo me because I was damn skinny like a corpse. They chose my friends who look nice with healthy body. HAHAHAHA pity me.

Well actually, I don't really care anymore. I can be good and happy no matter how cruel the weight scale shows the reality to me :D


  1. still waiting for the day when i get my hands on those minimaos jeans!

  2. Dear Arrow;

    Really? Sadly I bought wrong size. I should've buy one size bigger then it'll look perfect T__T