Friday, March 2, 2012

I want this W♥C

Ever since I knew the existence of WC, my addiction grew bigger. Chinatsu really have this simple but attractive taste. I'm not a high fashion girl, I guess WC suits me. I had to admit the first time I saw WC line, I wonder why the designs are really simple, it's not like someone famous like Chinatsu would produce something like this. Using kumatan? Really? Ceh childish! But then, DANG!! WC slapped me right on the face and said, "Hey! Look at me! I can't believe you didn't love me!!" LOL

As I accidentally added a year to my previous age wtf, I think I started lost interest on Liz Lisa. Okay, I still love Liz Lisa but I don't think I can carry them perfectly anymore. Those flowery patterns I can't forget, but I can't carry the youngster image anymore. So I'm thinking to change my style to abit more mature. Can you say high fashion to me? NO! Because high fashion is usually overpriced and I can't afford T___T

But in my personal opinion, WC is okay. Not too young and not too mature. Just nice. So I went to the official web and found these;

This "I Can Pay Money" reminds me to the Post Office top. I really want this and walk into any shops-sell-expensive-stuff wearing this with bare face so the shopkeepers know I also can buy stuff in their shop HAHAHA.

I usually didn't like to wear long-sleeve like this, considering our climate in Malaysia which is freaking hot recently, because I sweat easily T___T

I think I can wear this to work :)

WC produced cute sweaters and I had a hard time choosing what to buy. I don't work in air-conditioned room and the weather is killing people who sweat heavily like me, so buying lot of sweaters means they'll stay in a long period in wardrobe before I get a chance to wear pfft. But really can't tahan leh not to buy those cuties!!

I am still unsure what to buy and still in the process of deciding *ehem*. We'll see XD


  1. cute outfits...i love the first top's phrase..and the round collar blouse..really cute ^_^~ the polkie sweater is also kawaii..if only they could change it to tank top instead of sweater..^_^~

  2. Dear Janet;

    TRUEEE!! If only they could sell more tank tops I would be more than happy to buy.