Friday, March 30, 2012

Insta Spam

Before I blog on my next Bangkok entry, I would love to spam you all with pictures that I stole from my own Instagram wtf. I don't post beauty pictures or scenery because I lack of talent just like that wtf but still, if you want to follow me on instagram, search me by my name vujie. For those who followed me, you can skip this entry because you might find this useless to spend time reading HAHA.

#1 Me wearing Rainbow Color lenses in Earth Brown by Cheesie. I'm thinking on making a review on the lenses, so I pray hard that my hardworking mood comes faster. It doesn't comes yet wtf.

#2 The lightest I packed in my entire life for my recent Bangkok trip. No tops at all. Only shorts. I have to admit I'm a bit picky when it comes to buy shorts, so I brought my most comfortable shorts. Tops, I don't mind as long as they are comfortable. So I didn't bring any because I wanted to buy there in BKK and instantly wear them. Of course I hid my underwears wtf.

#3 My airport fashion wtf. WC Kumatan sweater and WC spec. Excuse my tired face. Woke up at 4 to catch early flight on that day.

#4 I couldn't describe how much I love coconut drink. And I was super happy because in Chatuchak Market, they sell this very original coconut drink for only 20baht!

#5 My flower headband costs only 20baht.

#6 Couple tee. 

HAHAHA there's a story about these tees. My bf and I are not the type who show our chemistry or love or whatever to the world by wearing these stuff. I once bought couple tees 3 years ago for us but we never wore them in a same time wtf. Both of us refused to wear together to avoid goosebumps HAHA. So I gave up. In Chatuchak, they sell these very cheap like 150baht for both tees. Super cheap with good quality, it's a loss not to steal. Then we chose the most did-not-look-like-couple-tees and agreed to wear them in BKK because nobody recognize us there HAHAHA. For now, my tee rests happily in the wardrobe waiting when will I wear it again together with my bf, which only miracle can tells.

#7 Some hauls I bought in Platinum Mall.

#8 Back in Miri. Was bored alone at home and decided to drive around town with nothing to aim.

#9 I'm recently addicted to this DrawSomething game. That's my Elvis Presley.

#10 And my Lady Gaga.

That's all. Wait for my next Bangkok trip ^^


  1. love your haul,wish i can go to Bangkok also someday≧^◡^≦

    1. Dear Sunmi Unnie@Patsy ;

      Thank you dear. You should go^^ I really had fun there. And I'm thinking of going there again XD

  2. you look sweet in baju kurung!
    followed your instagram!
    i would love to go to bangkok!
    i heard it a shopping paradise!

    1. Dear Sabrina;

      Thank you dear^^ True, it really is <3 <3