Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bangkok, Thailand, The Land of Smiles, Part 1

So I was very excited about this trip. My first trip to other country. Well actually, if you insist to count Brunei Darussalam, this is my second overseas trip wtf. Since Brunei Darussalam is super near to us, sometimes I don't feel like I'm in other country when I'm at Brunei HAHA.

At first, I was supposed to go there alone. Well you know, I was trying to challenge myself to be adventurous and my inspiration was all backpackers wtf. Luckily, my other half off-duty and he then came with me. That was so much better so I can have somebody takes my pictures instead of taking my pictures by myself pfft.

I did lots of research of Bangkok especially hotspots for shopping. What floating market? River cruise? Wat? Sorry, not interested HAHAHAHA. Bought Bangkok maps before depart too. Pfftt very expensive one! If you guys plan to go there, no need to buy those expensive maps because you can get it for free at Suvarnabhumi Airport Thailand.

So I start my journey with large luggage and nothing inside except underwears and bras wtf.

Day 1

As we arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport, MAS Airlines was very kind they gave us simcards to use in Bangkok. Actually I'm not sure either the simcard provided by MAS or whatever telco, but I noticed there was Malaysia Airlines logo on it, so yeah. However, we didn't use them because we didn't bring extra mobile phones and we were lazy to change our original simcards in our iphones pfft. The immigration in their airport was realllllyyyy hectic. At first we were complaining why their immigration like that but few days later, I read in their local newspaper that they are actually short of officers. The immigration posts prepared to entertain about 80,000 people but nowadays tourist in Bangkok can reach 180,000 people FUUUUUUUUUUU.jpg

Took airport rail link because I wanted to save on transport and spend more on hauls HAHAHA. We stayed in Citin Hotel, Pratunam. Booked it thru their official website and I was lucky that I got their happy hour deal. Easy to locate. Download their maps from their website and ask people around, you can easily reach the hotel. As long as you can see the tallest Baiyoke Suite, then you know you are in the right place wtf.

The only picture of day 1 I can show you. Frankly, we didn't take lots pictures on the first day :( After resting for a while, we rushed to Platinum Mall just to look around how amazing is this mall. And yeah, Platinum Mall is supppeeerr amazingggg!! And that man starved because we can't find halal food on that day. Instant noodle also no halal logo T_T The next day, we found out we were stupid because we didn't notice there is actually a halal restaurant near our hotel HAHAHA.

Day 2

Went to Chatuchak Market. As I said I did lots of research, so I prepared my bestfriend. This;

HAHAHAHA if you are going to Chatuchak Market and don't want to get tanned, prepare yourself with sunblock.

Unfortunately, BTS is very far from our hotel and we had to walk to go there. We didn't take taxi or tuktuk because we didn't expect it'll be really far like that. And, remember my motto, save on transport to spend more on hauls HAHAHA.

Thais are really nice. When they saw we didn't know how to use the ticket machine, they helped us with smiles. I knew that Chatuchak Market open around 9 am but we went there early like 8.30 am, just because XD

That explains why you can't see many people in picture above.

Oh we managed to find a halal restaurant in Chatuchak Market. Look at the arrows on the above picture. But you need to wait for a while to get a table.

I don't want to describe how hot is Chatuchak Market because you can find that easily in other blogs. No worries. Hawkers are everywhere. You can buy delicious coconut drink with only 20baht. Or coke. Very cheap!

My man who at first said didn't want to shop because he came to accompany me only, end up bought 2 pairs of sneakers, backpack, and lots of shirts wtf. Me? A few sleeveless and souvenirs for friends and family only. Why? Because my mind kept remind my wallet that Platinum offers my fashion more wtf.

Happy shopper

Seriously, I love art like this. Forgot what they call this (and lazy to google). Back in Sabah or KL, I also found art like this. I really think people who did something like this are super creative!

Not sure what's the other words in thai, all I can understand is only New York. So I can be in two places in a same time, Bangkok and New York wtf lame joke HAHAHA.

You can never starved in Bangkok. Foods are everywhere! And they really look delicious! But for muslims, it's a troublesome abit. Need to find stalls or restaurants with halal logo. But personally, I don't think it's that hard to find halal food in Bangkok. There is always a halal logo with halal foods in mall's foodcourt. Mostly arab food or indian food.

There was a story about this woman in pink. I think she was actually promoting the newly opened mall called Shibuya19, wore this girly pink dress, pink heels, pink earrings, pink makeup, stood right in front of the crowd. Suddenly wind dangerously blew her skirt HAHAHAHA luckily she wore a short inside. That's why in the right picture, she held her skirt like that.

Okay. That's all for part 1. Currently I'm busy promoting my newly launched blogshop DazzleFairy. I'm more that happy if you can help me spread this facebook link DazzleFairy so that I can get more people LIKE it. Thank you in advance!

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