Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ash blond x Ash brown

For every cruel things I did to my hair, I think last week I was super super cruel wtf. I abused my own hair many times. Rebonding, curling, coloring, hair extension, I did all that. So my original hair, which was not-really-healthy too, lost its identity long time ago. But I do put a limit when it comes to rebonding or curling or hair extension. Coloring? Oh that's very tough HAHAHA. Because I think me with dark hair really look unattractive. That's why I always wonder how come people can look gorgeous with black hair? That's a puzzle I can't solve wtf.

So I went to change my hair color. At first, I was planning to fix the root only. But I can't control myself. So my mouth accidentally said, "Ok I want to recolor my hair." Duhh~

I chose ash color, which I adore recently. The hairstylist insisted to bleach my hair first so the exact color will come out. I told him that I actually don't want because my hair is already damage. In the end, I don't know how did I agreed to bleach T_______T

So this was the first day. In real life it was really really light. It was Schwarzkopf 8 something.

I didn't think he did a good job because the ash was not showing on the top T__T At the back, it was awesome!

I was worried how will my colleagues react when they see my super light hair. But I think they knew me already. Talk to me also no use. Because it's my money and I can do whatever I want with them HAHAHA. So they just being acceptable wtf.

Whenever I looked into the mirror, Tricia Gosingtian with her ash blond hair will appeared in my mind. How come she can be real pretty with ash blond hair and I can't???
Too bad it didn't turn out as I wish. It started turn to orangey yellowish which I think is euuww especially on the top. Plus, I don't think ash blond matches my skin tone. When I was ash blond, I can't skip the eyebrow routine. Must put something to make it matches the hair color. So it was a bit tiring. And it looked weird on me without any make up.

Then, not even a week, I went to salon again FFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. Another salon of course.

And still chose ash. But ash brown. It's Schwarzkopf 6 something. Tadaaa~~~ I'm no longer ash blond.

If you ask me which one I like the most, I can't give an answer to that. Because I love both! But this ash brown is okay lar. With make up or without make up, it looks good on me.
By the time you are reading this, I'm not sure where am I. I might be at Bangkok already. Or might be at KLIA waiting for flight to Bangkok. Bye!

*UPDATED wtf wtf wtf I suppose to publish this entry on 9/3/2012 but accidentally put wrong date HAHAHAH nevermind just pretend like we are a day ahead in this blog