Friday, April 6, 2012

Dolly Eye Bubble Lens review

I'm now in a phase where I start forgetting the intention of becoming real life doll wtf, probably because I'm aging and can't handle the dolly image anymore HAHAHA so I revert myself to natural look and wearing 14mm lens again. HAHA no lah. I was just kidding. The truth is recently I bought new lenses and chose 14mm lens again, well, just because.... I tried to ditch the 16mm, first because I'm heading to mature look now. Ehem considering my age wtf. Second because I had enough fun with 16mm lens already. Third because I can't help myself adoring those lenses and they are all in 14mm size! Barbie lens seems boring already to me, mostly because everybody wear them nowadays.

This time I'm going to make a review on these bubble lens, bought from Gojess Lens Shop. Few months ago I saw a girl wore the same lens in blue. The lenses looked very nice and vivid but I didn't know what type are those, so I just get over it, just because I don't know the lenses brand wtf. Then, this friend of mine happened to sell this lens! So I placed order and made payment. It only took a day for me to receive the happy parcel ^^

I chose brown because my conscience said 'be more natural. don't ever pick green, blue or pink, or else u'll die answering the questions from your students why your eyes are colorful' wtf.

I was afraid that this lens would dry faster. That will bring blurry vision if wear them for long hours (I usually wear lens for 9-10 hours) and I hate that because I can't drive with blurry vision! In my case, usually rohto-c didn't help much T___T The best solution is to take out the lens immediately and look shitty with make up that meant for eyes with lenses fml. 


So do you love the lens like I do?

Short review

Wore them few times and yes, they dried fast and hurt my eyes T__T So I put lots of rohto-c and before drive back home, I took them out. Nevermind, as long as they can help me look nice that day wtf.

Color : 5/5
Design : 5/5
Comfort : 3/5

Overall, I'm pretty happy with this bubble lens because the effect is really nice. Dryness is not a big problem because eyedrops can help.

More pictures!

Pictures below are actually taken for my blogshop, DazzleFairy.

Top : DF027 Pastel Popsicles from Dazzle Fairy

That's all. Bye! ^^


  1. Love these. They make your eyes look quite big .. Esp given the lens size :O

    1. Dear Jen;

      I didn't expect it'll give big eyes effect at first bcz the size is only 14.8 mm, just slightly bigger than original. Still love it ^^ Match my hair color too! Hehe.

  2. Seriously, they look nice! :D
    Simple but they still look lovely.