Wednesday, April 11, 2012

RainbowColor Lenses by Cheesie Review

Short : Soon will be in DazzleFairy
Bag : Local boutique 

Before I went to Bangkok, I was dying to buy new contact lens because I knew I will take zillion photos of me, so must wear contact lens, make up and all then will look less ugly wtf (in the end didn't put all that vain stuff if you read my Bangkok entry you'll know why T__T). I knew Cheesie (famous Malaysia fashion blogger) produced cosmetic contact lenses recently so I decided to try them. Plus, I saw this pic of Cheesie in instagram and I told myself 'what is this lens??!! Very nice!'

Look very nice right? It looks natural.

So my first purchase was RainbowColor Earth Brown from Tokyoninki. They were very generous they also included Candy Doll pamphlet in it with Tsubasa Masuwaka all over it! 
Top : Vintage top from DazzleFairy

I mosaic my ugly armpit HAHAHA

I fell in love with it since the first time I wore it because it has super nice color, vivid but natural. Well you know, I told you before, I am now going for natural look and no more blythe eyes HAHA. It is 14.2 mm in diameter, slightly bigger than my original, and comfortable to wear (in my case, with help from eyedrops). I was so in love with it that I told myself I'm gonna buy another color! I was aiming for Wood Ash.

One fine day, I saw Cheesie tweeted that Rainbow Color now available in SaSa. My conscience said 'stop dreaming. It is almost impossible for them to reach SaSa in Miri this soon. Wait another 2-3 months wtf.' HAHAHA I always have this idea that everything I saw on the internet is currently unavailable in Miri, need to wait for miracle first then they'll appear at least for 3 months. For example Dollywink. I can get them easily back in KK but I waited two years then they finally reached Miri pfft.

But my legs were very stubborn. I magically appeared in SaSa Miri HAHAHA. I looked around and can't see them then my conscience once again said, 'see what did I told you?' Ughhh shut up you conscience! Luckily the salesgirl approached me and I told her what I want. At first, she wasn't familiar with RainbowColor and she told me to go to optic shop wtf. I told her not ordinary lenses, they are cosmetic lens and I read on the net they're available in SaSa. Then she finally understood and showed me the rack. Unfortunately Wood Ash unavailable and I bought Storm Grey.

Obviously I have moustache in pic above HAHAHA 

Sorry I'm not good with not-smiling-face

I love them both!! 

Color : 5/5
Design : 5/5
Comfort : 4/5

So, what do you think? Do you love them?

I was actually tried to take photos like Tricia Gosingtian always do for my blogshop pictures, and I failed HAHAHA.


  1. Lovely! I wanna get the exact same colors and have been looking for a good review on them! Thanks! xo

    1. Dear Brony;

      Go get them! I hope you'll fall in love deeply like I do hehehe.

  2. you look a lot like cheesie!! so pretty! When I saw the first pic, I though it was cheesie! so gorgeous! the lens is really pretty too!!^_^~

    1. Dear Janet;

      You are the 3rd person who said that! HAHA one was Cheesie's twitter follower and second was my friend. They also told me the same thing. How I wish I can be really pretty like her in real life^^