Sunday, April 22, 2012

W♥C Haul and Insta Spam

Do you still remember my post here? Yes, I made a mini W♥C shopping again last February I guess, but only now have the time to update. Thanks to my real job recently. Too many things to settle down.

Okay, here's the truth. It was my other half who wanted to buy shoes from taobao, so I said I will help him order if only he willing to buy a pair for me too HAHA. He agreed and I happily helped him to deal with the agent. Unfortunately, the shoes he wanted already out of stock. Instead of asking for refund, I changed his order to my stuff HAHAHA. So, I got my shoes. He didn't get his shoes but I got my W♥C stuff instead.

Red polka sweater. I was having hard time either to choose this red or yellow. Both colors were really nice. 

HAHAHA my-failed-pro-model-pose. I know I know. This I'm Poor but Good Looking is soooooo last year but still, the statement speaks for me well wtf. Okay, poor but not really good looking for sure.

Okay, that's all for W♥C haul.

For those who doesn't have me in your instagram, don't worry. I'll entertain you all with my insta pictures that I stole from my instagram wtf

I was taking photos for my DazzleFairy last night. Since I put lots of make up on me, camwhore is a must! The first picture I posted and warned that I will upload more annoy pictures wtf

First annoying picture.
Second annoying picture.

THE BEST COMMENT EVER from Nekochan. HAHAHA where got look like Tsubasa? Impossibru.jpg

I went to town looking for this Hershey's Kisses chocolates like I was in a treasure hunt event but can't find any in Miri. So I told my other half and he bought for me all the way from KK. I had to mms him the Hershey's Kisses pic that I stole from Google. I had to because I told him that the Hershey's packaging look like red onion and he doesn't have any ideas at all! Or maybe he doesn't know how red onion look like wtf. I mean like this;

My explanation works or not?

My favorite ice cream at the moment. Butterscotch ice cream! I would drive to town just to get this ice cream.

Actually I stopped buying Popteen and move on to ViVi and Scawaii. I saw Tsubasa on the cover and I told myself that I must have it!

Near the beach with my other half when he came to visit me last week. Not to watch sunset like romantic couples do. Frankly, we are not romantic enough to do things like that. We were there to eat seafood with nice view HAHA. Ordered like four dishes (prawns, crabs, clams, vege) and finished them in a blink of eye. We have monster inside us.

I love buying earcaps recently. Saw this 3D bunny earcap then can't tahan myself from buying. Even though it was expensive it was RM15 *stingy. Y U NO cheaper for simple thing like this?? It lasted about 2 weeks before the bunny fell and I'm too lazy to glue it back fml

Then I found this gorgeous beautiful stunning bling ribbon earcap. So goodbye bunny. I'll put you in my memory wtf

I actually don't really have witty words flying in my mind right now because I'm too tired these days with tons of work at school. And sore throat started to come to me T_T I wish I won't fall sick. I hate to see the doctor to get medical leave. Or else I had to attend school even though I'm sick pfft. I refuse to use my CRK (a special 7 days leave for teachers) cause I'll need them for my next vacation, where I actually wasted 2 days of them already. One for Bangkok and another one for my major car service. See, I'm not in my right mind that I don't know why I'm explaining all these to you wtf



  1. hahaha ^_^~ you are so cute and gorgeous!!

    1. Haha it's an honor to receive that compliment from you. I always make fun of myself that make my friends around me never think I'm like that anymore. They think I'm stupid HAHAHA.

  2. Aiyarkkk... sincere punya complement tu taw and i wont take it back because you really looked like Tsubasa! <3 <3 <3

  3. The cardigan is so cute and childish wtf, I love it <333 And the I'm poor but good looking tee is so...#truestory.jpg HAHAHA I haven't wear mine ! You so pretty in those instagram ! :D

    1. Thanks to the beautify apps and insta filters LOL