Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bangkok, Thailand, The Land of Smiles, Part 3

So this is it. This is why they all say blogging is one of real commitment. I feel like I have a serious commitment here. To blog about this lovely Bangkok till my last breath wtf. Well yeah. Do not worry too much. We almost finish. Now we are heading to Day 4 and Day 5, all in one entry. Actually this is the last one. Wait no more. Read now! HAHAHA 

Day 4

As I planned (obviously I'm the leader in case like this and I think I can plan better than my bf HAHAHA), we did our major shopping business on the 4th day. Frankly, it was only me. He found his things mostly in Chatuchak, mine was in Pratunam area. HAHA this is why they say if you are going to Pratunam, the men will be bored easily because this area built specially for women LOL.

At first, I thought this was SHIBUYA109 and I told my bf 'look! they got the super similar building name with the most famous Japan Shibuya109. Auw this Thailand can have everything they want'. My bf just nodded which he actually totally lost he didn't know what is Shibuya109 Japan. So you know now, it is only me who have interest in Japan lar. He does not fml. Only to realised on the 4th day that it was actually Shibuya19 HAHAHAHA.

This new Shibuya19 I think it is just a matter of time to be as famous as other malls. The shops inside are not bad. They offer the same quality as Platinum Mall offers. I was much more comfortable to buy things here because it was not as crazy as Platinum Mall, yet. You can also buy in wholesale price here, just like Platinum Mall. Pffttt you know now how much I love Platinum Mall that I mentioned the name four times in this paragraph.

What if you accidentally spend more than you should???? No worries. Money changers are easy to spot HAHA this is bad for people like me.

We were in the same restaurant again. The owner must be bored to see our faces came to the restaurant everyday HAHAHA. Hey it's not Malaysia okay. Halal restaurant is not everywhere lol. Look how cute the glasses with bears on them. And our tees, read the story here wtf

Tuk-tuk. I read on the net that tuktuk drivers really know how to cheat customer, especially tourists. Always nego before you ride. We rode this once only to have experience HAHAHA. That was when we wanted to go to the airport link which is actually near to our hotel but decided to ride tuktuk because my luggage was heavy as 17kg rocks wtf. I asked how much the driver charged and he said 50baht. Well okay, didn't mind. We were going back to Malaysia and baht was not that important to us anymore. The driver however didn't give sincere smiles at first, but when I handed him 60baht and told him to keep the change, he smiled reaaaalllyyyy wide like McDonald HAHAHA my bf and I both laughed because of his face expression.

Back in college days, there was a pink taxi which I really wanted to ride once. On that time, that taxi was the only taxi with pink body. However I never had the chance because always booked by other customers T__________T In Thailand, I really love how they show their appreciation to pink color. Even on taxis HAHA.

Some souvenirs for friends. Mini tuktuk and vespa.

Day 5

Random pics of monks.

Okay here's a story. We both were like 'why everyone bought LCD tv? I mean indian. Is it super cheap here? Yesterday I saw the price but it was not too much differences with our price in Malaysia. Or is that my imagination?' I can't hold my curiosity, I approached the indian lady sat next to me and asked why everyone bought LCD tv, So she said the price of a LCD tv in their country is really expensive. That explains why every single human in the pic above had LCD tv on their trolley. Then my bf and I kept asking each other how will they handle the LCD tv in the flight. And we were busy guessing which one is the richest based on the size of LCD tv they purchased HAHAHA.

Me and photobomber cleaner behind wtf

Goodbye Bangkok! You will be missed.

And yeah, I miss you already, Bangkok T_T


  1. Nice photos~ The Shibuya19 was like o.O but at least there are pretty decent shops inside ^_^~