Thursday, December 30, 2010

Anosa Cosmetics Sexy Pink

I'm not sure should I put this entry under product review or maybe just to show off stuff I recently bought. Last Saturday my family and I went to 1 Borneo because Aowa held lucky draw there and the grand prize was Perodua Myvi car. It is a coincidence my car's plate number is 7462 and my auntie's ticket number was 07642. My car got into accident and we believe every cloud has silver lining, so went there to see we are lucky or not. Unfortunately we don't. So I mustn't believe to that anymore HAHAHA.

While waiting and because its boring, I went into SaSa (again....) with no purpose of buying anything. Ok I shouldn't lie I actually looked for Dolly Wink lower lashes (again....) but they were out of stock I guess. Since I cannot be trusted when I have extra money in purse, I bought Anosa Cosmetics Sexy Pink just because its pink and I was attracted to the ads HAHAHA.

Told you, its pink! This Anosa Cosmetics Sexy Pink is actually for you to regain your pink-ness. I'm not good in explaining. You can search more about in on the net.

It comes with two tubes. The left one is for lips and on the right is for nipple. In my case, I didn't put on my nipple but I put it on my underarm and hope it'll works better whitening my underarm HAHAHA. My lips are naturally not-so-pink so when I want to act cute by wearing pink lipstick, it didn't work as much as I hope, so frustrating! Now I'm gonna try these Sexy Pink tubes and when it works I'll share more about it then.

I wish I don't have to go back to Miri cuz I don't have fabulous internet connection there T____T


  1. yeni van;

    Not really T___T
    It did gives pink-ness to my lips but for temporary only. Not permanent.