Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Make up for fun

I am glad I finally changed my blog background, sidebar and all. I am now forcing wtf myself to be more flowery, girly and more Liz Lisa theme which is more pink, small and soft color flowers. Because I realize my age keep increasing and if I wait two or three years more, by that time I might only wearing boring maternity dress wtf. People say enjoy young and unmarried life before marriage comes. Ok la not actually 'people' say that. That's me saying that wtf.

Here's my attempt on matching make up and flowery and girly outfits. HAHAHA bluff again. No la. I tried this style of make up before, which is inspired by MaguChan but last time not pro enough. Now also not pro but better.

This time with lower lashes. Upper lash by Dolly Wink no. 1 and lower lashes is no-brand lash HAHAHA. Before this I neglected eyelid tape cuz I arrogantly saying to myself my eyes are nice already no need those tapes just make up also enough. Once I tried, now can't stop already HAHAHA. Cheap confession : I bought it because it super cheap like RM1.99 only. But works magically helps my eyes fake the big eyes illusion. Eyelid becomes higher and eyes seem like bigger than ever.

I only put that kind of make up, which you make the end of eyeliner longer and flick to give doll eyes sense, when I go shopping or travel or wherever as long as it didn't related to my works. When work, I put below make up.

HAHAHA wtf my painting use paint also become better. Not like last time when I drew a cat using paint, it became a cow. Ok, seriously. This one also can give you big eyes effect. I name this Okarie's eyes. Red line is where you should apply eyeliner. The end of eyeliner still longer but no need to flick it. If you line it way below your original eyes is better. So you can have the effect. The spray one that connecting the end of eyeline and original eyes is line that you color use pencil liner. I'm sorry if you can't understand. My explaination is suck. Ok, enough on Vujie-goes-to-work-makeup.

I didn't line my eyebrow cuz at the time where I actually put this make up on, I just opened my grey lenses and decided to give a try how will it looks with proper make up. Nevermind. Just concentrate on my make up okay.

Now let's start with vain pictures HAHAHA.

By the way, I love this picture so much. Cuz I think me on the picture is not really like me. I mean this one is different from other pictures that I always took. My usual pictures always remind me of my truly malaysia blood. But this picture however gives me a feeling like Caucasian Japanese and so on HAHAHAHA okay okay sorry this is perasan.

Trying to look like professional model but I know my mission fail fml.

I'm sorry the make up is actually not perfect one cuz I'm lazy to put highlighter, foundation and whatever. But nevermind. You can still use your imagination how will it looks when its a complete make up one.